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WAH!!! Internet DIED for 36 HOURS...

< rant>*heavy sigh* I am finally willing to concede to all who felt that my 'puter and "teh interwebs" were taking over my life. After being minus the internet for 36 hours, I am still weeding through 136 messages in my inbox, and trying to catch up with the world (which, of course, did NOT stop revolving in my absence - how DARE it?).

My apologies to yabou_chan for having to pick up the slack for me in the Yahoo! group. My sympathy to those on LJ that had major or minor trauma (priestess_skye - nasty, horrible reviewers bothering my preciousssss!) during my absence which I couldn't comment on with something comforting. And my thanks to those (yes, demonlord_lover you know I'm talking about THAT picture!) who posted something truly CUTE that I didn't get to comment on yet.

I'll probably stay up int the wee hours of the morning, just in time to have the cable go down again - this time NOT from the shrieking winds, but from the 10+ inches of SNOW that we are expecting (after having almost 50 degree weather on Tuesday). I am SOOOOO tired of this bloody roller-coaster weather. Yes, I know it's Michigan, but does EVERYTHING have to be a crap-shoot??? The freakin' economy is bad enough, but the freakin' WEATHER too? Bah, I surrender!! </ rant>

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