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I won!!

The daughter and I played Palin Bingo during the debate last night... I won! Yes, incredibly childish and a stupid way to watch a debate, but I loved it. Especially when I had the word "Maverick" and she used it, like, 8 times or something. For the first time in what seems like forever, I actually got excited about winning at something. Pretty silly, huh?

Yeah, it is. But I had fun - and still felt that Biden beat Palin hands down on all the substantive issues. Yes, she might have had a lock on "folksy," but I don't want someone "folksy" running the Federal government. I want someone who knows where some of those bodies are buried, has a few favors he can call in when it gets tough, and knows all the players. Sorry, but that would not be Ms. Palin. And Senator McCain has strayed so far from his supposed "Maverick" roots that I seriously doubt that he has the clout, even in his own party, to get anything done.

Ok, past bedtime again... sorry for the political rant twice in one week, but time is running out. I was so utterly depressed and defeated in 2004, but not now. Now, I can't wait until November.

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