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Yeah, I know, cheesy take-off on the WWJD craze, right? Still, I was faced with a situation this week that prompts me to ask my friends, "What would YOU do?" If you were in my shoes, and the same situation arose, how would YOU handle it?

As most of you are aware, the water heater died this weekend, necessitating a call to several plumbers for estimates on Monday. The final estimate came in while I was on the phone with MSK, so I decided to put the guy on hold, get the okay from Mr. Boss Man, and get going on it. At that point, the 'nice' person I was talking to had one of the lowest estimates, said he could do it right away, and so I went with him. Good stuff, right?

Oh. Em. Gee. Was I wrong!! Yes, he seemed like a nice guy when he arrived. He seemed very professional and conscientious. He seemed really clean-cut and well-spoken. Then again, people like my plumber friend don't exactly wear badges declaring their intentions. Boy, can *I* pick 'em, or what?? The opening salvo was his suggestion on how to handle the problems we've had with the old, blind, incontinent cat... a .22 caliber bullet. Nice, huh? After that, he went with a simple, but potentially explosive question: "How did you vote in the last election?"

From there, we were off and running straight into the Twilight Zone of the ultra right. This man had no qualms about stating every single one of his extremist views, with no hesitation whatsoever, just watching me like a freakin' hawk to see if I'd twitch. I felt like I was in a nightmare... I needed that hot water heater, but did I really need to listen to all that? Srsly! The man sounded like he'd memorized several Rush Limbaugh rants, with a dose of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck on the side. Maybe even a little Ann Coulter thrown in.

He started with the "Liberal Socialists," then proceeded to the religion of the Anti-Christ... Catholicism. Following that, I was treated to rants about Muslims, Jews, and other various organized religions. I got to hear all about his pastor at his Baptist church - who, it seems, was a convicted murderer from a biker gang in his early years. Whew. That's really someone *I'd* like to have preaching the "word" of "God" for me - NOT. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with the fact that this soul seems to have redeemed himself, but I have this horrid feeling that a "jailhouse preacher" is going to be just a tad more... um... zealous than your usual 'man of the cloth.'

Then we wandered into the satisfaction this man would derive (if he were given the chance) from putting a bullet in both our former (incompetent asshole) AND our current (racist, bigoted Socialist) Presidents at the same time, along with making sure that any "Muslim" child was killed before they got past age 4. Supposedly, all Muslim children are "irredeemable" after they hit a certain age, don't you know? Of course, the conversation had to digress into his impressive array of "legal" firearms, along with the "fact" that the law would have to pry them out of his cold, dead fingers if they were suddenly made illegal. HE has so many weapons and so much ammunition because our society is going into meltdown, and he wants to be sure that he can 'protect' what is his from the rabble that's going to try to take it away from him.

He made it quite clear that he greatly resents his tax dollars being used to teach "sex" education in the public schools - especially since (in the name of tolerance) homosexuality is often regarded in such teachings as an "alternative lifestyle." Of course, according to him, we all know that it's just plain sick, wrong, and abnormal. Forget any studies that have shown that homosexuality is genetic. Those People choose that lifestyle and have no problem trying to brainwash young children into believing it's okay. *shudders* Oh yeah, and let's not forget that contraception is hardly worthy of mention - abstinence is the ONLY way to make sure your kids don't get into trouble. I was getting a little on the jumpy side by this time.

It came as no surprise that the "conversation" then morphed into the problems he has with evolution. Simply another 'theory,' he said. No scientific evidence whatsoever supports it over 'Intelligent Design.' At this point, I was ever-so-glad that my Anthropology major girl-child was upstairs and couldn't hear a thing. Even now, a tingle goes up my spine thinking about how SHE would have tolerated such nonsense. Like, NOT AT ALL? This guy was deadly serious about everything he was saying - I highly doubt he would have taken kindly to her starting to quote facts and figures that didn't jive with what he'd gleaned from his preferred news sources. In case you hadn't guessed, he doesn't own a television. Nope... television is TOTALLY "Liberal Media," even Fox Snooze. Any 'clear-thinking American' will only get their news from unbiased sources like CONSERVATIVE RADIO PROGRAMS. Yeah, that's unbiased as all hell right there, huh?

Before we were through, I also had to hear all about his views on abortion (he's against it, even in cases of rape and incest), 'misinformed' Evangelicals (hypocrites, all of them), doctors who perform abortions (they deserve to die in bombings), research facilities that work with fetal stem cells (they should be wiped off the face of the earth), the death penalty (he's for it), and global warming (a Socialist hoax). I'm still shaking my head, wondering how on earth people like that actually SURVIVE in this world, much less make any money from the number of people they must alienate - y'know, being in a service industry, and all.

I still find the entire experience somewhat surreal. In fact, I seriously had to question whether or not it really happened, but MSK was home for some of it and confirmed what I remembered. I guess I wanted to blank it out, in view of all the other fun news I got on Monday (especially the truck... I LOVE that truck... *sigh*). The real capper for me was finding out that this guy has a four month old baby. A boy. When I mentioned how lucky he was to have a boy as his first, he agreed. "Yeah, you just can't knock girls around like you can boys... their brains are wired too different." Huh? Boys' brains are wired to accept getting hit upside the head as a form of discipline?? I never heard that in any of the parenting books, periodicals, web sites, or classes I'd been into when my kids were little! I don't think my son would have tolerated it too well either. *shrugs* That's one kid that will grow up just like 'dear old dad,' with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Empire State Building!!

The whole thing was so wrong, on so many different levels, that I found it impossible to even say anything coherent while this dude was spouting off. Occasionally I'd reiterate my usual "live and let live" philosophy, along with pointing out that you cannot demonize an entire religion, race, or other group of people just because of the actions of a few. It never really seemed to sink in, though. All in all, I came away from the experience wondering how that man can, by any stretch of the imagination, call himself "tolerant" of others. Yet, that's exactly what he did throughout the day. By the time he left, I felt like I'd been run through an honest-to-GAWD wringer. Y'know, the old-fashioned kind that used to be attached to the washtubs?? And it was cemented even further in my poor brain that THOSE PEOPLE are scary, damn scary. I'm glad he lives quite a distance away. In case of the apocalypse, I don't have to worry about running into THAT particular crazy!!

So, the question remains: "How would YOU have handled this?" Honest, I'm truly interested to know if there was another way to both get my water heater and shield myself from such vitriol. Let me know, would ya?

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