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Bits and pieces on a day for moms to kick back (not that *I* get to, but whatever, huh?):

The appointment with the urologist went QUITE, surprisingly, well. The tests were nowhere near as dire as the urgent care doctor made it sound. AND, the results were available when I got there... what a wonder, huh? I have renal stones (plural), yes, but they are "Just dots, really," according to the specialist. He was everything that one would hope for in a specialist of that nature; personable, knowledgeable, and well-able to translate that knowledge into less specialized terms.

So, the upshot of the exam was that these "dots" should pass on their own, with relatively little pain or bother associated with them. Unfortunately, I have to return to have a physical exam of the "exterior structures." Blah. Then, I suppose, he's going to want to do some tests to figure out WHY I'm getting kidney stones. Yippy Skippy. Can't tell you how much THAT will thrill me. Not. The bright side? No surgerizing in my near future... HOO-ray!

So, on the dramatic front, I've agreed to become one of the new admins at the website I mentioned earlier. Of course, being one of several, I must feel my way carefully and cautiously through the maze of perceptions that my change in status will engender. In other words, the dramatics will not appreciably decrease immediately. This is mainly due to the fact that, with the rampant deletion of anything that hints of drama, people are getting a great deal more cautious as to how posts and comments are worded. This is, in itself, a good thing, however, it does not necessarily do away with the 'wank' factor. *sigh* I absolutely love mom0desu's comment, "Oh internut, why must you be such srs bsns?"

Girl-child is wandering off today for "filming" - she's been invited to be the "star" of a local 'indie' film. This should be interesting. At the very least, she's keeping busy, right? She informed me, when I pointed out that her brother, father and one 'alien child' were the only ones to wish me a Happy Mother's Day thus far, that she would be sure to do so at some point when she was "unprompted." O... K... I give up.

Steven still hasn't got his car on the road. That should prove even more interesting to see how much longer he takes to do so. He's already spent a buttload on parts, but needs to fix the front end and get a couple new tires before he can really rip on it. Besides, even with that nifty $175 'computer tune' that he did, it still isn't running quite right. Frankly, as much as I love my boy, and love the cars, I'm getting tired of the angst.

Steven wants pizza for dinner. Ostensibly so I don't have to cook. I don't like pizza, but Steven does! Steven has even offered to pay for part of dinner... so I won't have to cook, y'know? But Steven doesn't want to go get the pizza. Neither does MSK, because I'm not his mother. So, it appears that, like any other day, I'll end up driving to get the pizza and bring it back. Blah. I hate kids (and anyone who tells you that a husband doesn't count as one of the kids is either a newlywed or a liar). [EDIT:  Well, they made a liar out of me... MSK & Steven went to get the pizza. I guess I'll have a tuna sandwich or a bowl of soup... *sigh*]

Normally, on Mother's Day, I would be on the road - either to or from Kalamazoo - to visit my mom. With all the assorted fun stuff with kidneys last week, I was absolved again this year. Last year, I was forgiven because I honestly didn't have the gas money to get there and back. Tonight, I will call my mommy, even though I talked to her the other day, just to update her on my wanderings through the field of medicine. Then I'll call HIS mommy... or maybe I'll just make HIM do it. I dunno why the wives always have to take care of that stuff, but that's how it usually goes, isn't it? *snicker*

So, that's how it's gone for the past couple of days. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary. Of course, that, in itself, is out of the ordinary!! Hope all the moms on my f-list had a WONDERFUL, RELAXING day and were pampered and loved and showered with goodies today!!!

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