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Gotta love the ol' Double Nickel!!!!

Yuppers, this ancient one turned 55 today - and BOY what a day it has been!!!!! As I told one of the ex-alien kids, I may be old, but I still can't drive my age (ala Sammy Hagar and "I Can't Drive 55").

I got a pretty, shiny new icon from jennabean_dp (see above), a new forum siggy from my partner in crime and bad customer service, priestess_skye (see below), a one-shot dedicated to me by my fearless leader on Dokuga, miss_kagura (Customer Service), and more messages and good wishes from all over the place than I have ever had in my ENTIRE LIFE. Srsly. My shiny new siggy:

Birthday Present!!

I have never felt so warm, fuzzy, honored or loved in all my days. I had phone calls from two of my former alien-kids, my mom, and my only RL friend... beautiful posts here on LJ... posts on Dokuga's forum... posts on Facebook... messages from family... and a slew of birthday wishes in chat last night too. I can't think what I could have done to engender all this warmth on my behalf, but I can tell you all how very touched and grateful I am for it.

On the home front, MSK and the kids all pitched in to make a feast fit for a queen. We had seasoned, marinated filets done on the grill, corn on the cob, potatoes, canteloupe and double-chocolate brownies ala mode with hot fudge topping. I don't think it gets any better than this, honest.

All in all, I had a perfectly GLORIOUS day, and I want to thank everyone who took part in making it so. You are all the most kind, wonderful, generous, thoughtful, caring, supportive, loving friends a person could have and I will be eternally thankful just for the honor of having gotten to know you all!!!!!!!!!!


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