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Notifications... GONE???

It's amazing... all of a sudden, I noticed that I haven't been getting notifications on ANYONE'S journal updates except for about THREE OR FOUR people. And, because those three or four people were updating and I was getting those notices, I didn't pay much attention to those who HADN'T updated... until Christmas Day.

Funny thing... Christmas Day, I suddenly notice that hardly ANYONE had updated with any plans for the holidays, or Christmas wishes to their friend's lists, or ANYTHING. Duh. Finally, today, I check my notifications and - wonder of wonders - find that most of them are magically TURNED OFF. How the HELL that happened is beyond me.

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS (belatedly) to everyone on my f-list. My apologies (profuse and deep) to everyone who thought I was ignoring them, or had just dropped off the face of the earth!!! *shakes head* I don't have any clue what I did to get THIS lucky(?) but I sure hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon!!

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