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Oh, piffle...

I'm not even going to bother to f-lock this, since it certainly didn't prevent someone from distributing my last post to all and sundry. Thanks, friends!

I deserved it, though. I've shared an f-locked post with someone else once, so turn about is fair play, I suppose. Still, I completely own what I said in the other post. I said it, and I felt it. If I unfairly maligned some in my rant, my apologies. I do tend to assume that people sympathize and/or agree with their close acquaintances when I'm in the midst of ranting.

And the lesson learned? If one truly wants to vent without causing ripples, one should have a completely anonymous journal somewhere... or simply make one's venting posts private. You never know when your buddies are going to stir the waters by sharing what you've said with others. More fool me, LOL!!
EDIT - And THANK YOU SO MUCH to LuxKen for sharing a SCREENCAP of an f-locked post with the rest of the world... my, you are a real prize, aren't you?

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