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Ouchie ....

I have a fever .... and all the bone-deep aches that go with it ... along with the really fun sweats and chills. Gawd, I just LOVE being sick. On top of that, no matter how much I stick to my diet and take my medication ...(thanks for the SAGE advice BRANDON)... my innards aren't real happy. Oh yeah, must be something about the stress factor when mixed with things like ulcerative colitis, huh? And holidays, no matter what, are always a stressor. There's always too much to do, not enough time, and too little energy - even without being sick. Throw the flu, or whatever the hell this is, on top of it, and I'll be lucky to be able to crawl out of bed by Wednesday. Just my luck, though. My 'mantra' should be "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have NO luck at all!"

Unfortunately for her, my poor daughter seems to be following in mom's footsteps in that regard. She and I have gotten much closer again, without the interference of people who can't tell the truth if its chewing on their asses. She's really quite comfortable with "who" she feels she is and what she feels is important to her. The only problem with that is the fact that she is kinda "out there" on the fringes of society at the moment. Not too many people in her school, nor people her age, have the same views, interests, likes or dislikes. It would appear that she's doomed to having to attend Snowcoming in the company of a nerd/geek who can't even keep her name straight (Jennifer/Jessica?). The one time in the past two years that she's actually gone out on a limb to let someone know that she found them interesting, she got ignored - that's probably a classic case of "out of sight, out of mind." Seems to run in that kid's family anyway. It is a shame, though. She's bright, a good conversationalist (when she stops for breath, or has her uppers), witty, warm, friendly, kind (usually), pretty in her own dark way, and so passionate about the things that she believes in. I'm afraid that, by the time someone who meets HER criteria comes along, she will have closed the door on the "relationship" nonsense, much the same way my sister did. God knows, she hasn't been on a 'date' in over two years now .... the future doesn't look exactly bright.

At least she's not dwelling on it, though. She still intends to bribe SOMEONE into taking her to her senior prom ... she's sure that she'll find someone who wants to make an easy $50 - $75.00 for the night. I intend to do exactly what I'm doing now .... stay out of it and not discuss the matter unless she brings it up. I'm waayyy past done getting involved with her friends and acquaintances ... that has led to major problems. I think I'll content myself with just sitting around being her mom, for when she needs one. And her cheerleader for when she needs one of those. And her support for when she needs that. And so on. I'm babbling, and the chills are taking over .... back to bed. Hope I feel better soon!

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