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Lack of sleep makes mom a .....

crabby, strung-out, disoriented, spaced-out bitch. Fortunately, that won't go on for too much longer. School starts again tomorrow ... hopefully ... so it's early to bed for almost everyone (except the non-permanent 'natives'). Also fortunate is the fact that, once I pass out tonight, I don't imagine I'll be hearing the non-permanent ones when they start their late-night roamings through the kitchen as usual. Actually, only one will be rummaging through the kitchen, I think ... the other one will probably stay put where he is at the moment ... unless he feels like baja-ing through the snow and ice to get home. I just hope that we DON'T get the freezing drizzle they've said we might. MSK still hasn't fixed the generator yet, so we will probably have the first power outage of the year tonight or tomorrow. It would figure, wouldn't it?

No worries, though. Plenty of dry firewood (for now), cold enough to use the outdoors for a refrigerator, just need some more water and some more lamp oil, and we'll be snug as bugs. Well, except for the people who sleep in the basement ... on the water bed ... that cools down REALLY fast when the heater is turned off ... oh well, guess they'll be sleeping upstairs for a couple days, huh? The only part I hate about power outages is that I can't use my 'puter - and I'm getting to the point in collecting the data where I need to start inputting a whole bunch of it again. At least I got in touch w/the gal I bought that stupid pedigree program from, and she's gonna get me the password I need to load the damn thing on this computer instead of the one downstairs.

So, a new year, a new start on an on-going project, new challenges .... like how to get to the high school without killing the truck, since it has NO weight in the back (because SOMEONE is too obstinate to get the cover he promised me about six months ago). Of course, part of that is my own fault ... if I hadn't gotten the truck w/the 20" rims, I would've been able to get better off-road tires on the damn thing. As it is, the REGULAR tires cost over $200.00 each, so it's not in the budget this winter, that's for damn sure! It should be interesting to see how long it takes to warm the poor baby up this winter, since it has to sit outside now. Eh, the trade-offs one makes to keep kids happy ... not that much of a biggie ... I don't mind the frozen hands and feet from cleaning the stupid thing off quite as much as I mind the bitching I'd have to hear if I did things any other way. Besides ... by 8:00 AM tomorrow morning, I'll be back here, warm, toasty and ALONE!! Well, except for the basement dwellers, but they rarely bother anyone in the morning hours.

Although I am looking forward to not having to be up at the butt-crack of dawn again in the summer, I do enjoy the school year. I am generally more productive when I don't have to stop what I'm doing every 20 or 30 minutes to listen to a kid, intervene in an argument, or stop MSK from rampaging through the house like a bull elephant. This afternoon, I had just about hit my limit when that man decided that it was time to take down the tree. No one told ME it was on the agenda for today. Of course, the excuse was that I wasn't supposed to have to DO anything with the stupid tree or the stupid stuff, but that is NEVER true. I ignored MSK for as long as I possibly could, and continued with filing all the data I gathered together. I wanted to FINISH something, for once, without getting interrupted twelve different times and having a terrible time trying to remember where I was when I left off. With the exception of having to steady the tree while MSK took it out of the tree stand, I managed it. It took an awful lot of concentration, though, with two TV's going, MSK and Jessa arguing, and MSK starting to run the vacuum cleaner. Today was just one of those days where it was far too easy to get sidetracked, I think.

I did get something accomplished, though. The next step is to look through the stuff in the horse trailer for the records that I need, then start putting it all in a useable format on the 'puter. Then start the scanning. I think I'll just have to set a finite goal each day, scan the requisite number of pictures until I hit the goal, and then spend the rest of the day working on the histories. I think this is going to be a good deal larger than I had first imagined, especially with some horses. Some have ties to some very old, influential, important ancestors with lots of background ... those will be the ones that fill more than one binder once one gets into the 9th through the 14th generation. Others have several lines that fade into obscurity around the early 1800's, which is a blessing ... meaning that they won't take as much time and resources to reproduce. It remains to be seen just how I can condense this information into a workable, MARKETABLE format, but I'm committed to figuring it out this year. Now, since MSK has seen fit to "help" some more before going to bed, I have to go rescue the delicate clothes from the blistering heat he always sets the dryer at, do some more frigging laundry so he can have more SHIRTS, and make sure I get them HUNG UP so the collars don't get all wrinkled ... poor man, I wonder how he's going to manage if he ever has to go back to doing it on his own? That's another one of those Scarlett O'Hara things .... for another day!

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