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I STILL have a headache ...

It all started yesterday morning, with a frantic search for the letters that the psychiatrist wrote to the schools last spring about the kids' ADD and depression. They get failing grades in the classes they have too many tardies in, like, um FIRST hour? Even though the school has had a letter from the doctor every semester that Jess has been in High School, they still insist that she sign up to go before the Appeals committee ... even though a MEDICAL DOCTOR has stated, in writing, that the problems we experience are BEYOND HER CONTROL. I swear, if I have to go into another Appeals Committee hearing, I will start hurling furniture at their smug, smarmy faces.

I've spent hundreds of dollars getting both kids tested (more than once), hundreds more in drugs and psychiatric care, and those pricks still don't seem to understand what BEYOND HER CONTROL means. Likewise, the idiot teachers that I spoke to at conferences don't seem to understand what Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act says they have to provide for children IDENTIFIED under the Act as REQUIRING special services in the public schools. ADD is one of those things that REQUIRES special services. Likewise, both kids have different learning disabilities that REQUIRE special services. I'm about ready to hire a frigging lawyer to see that the schools meet their obligations under the law .... I'm pretty tired of them pushing it off on me, or just telling me that (regardless of what the tests show) the kids are responsible for their own problems. You know, it makes me wonder what sort of dubious intelligence actively seeks to fuck with crazy people. I mean, they've also been told, by my shrink, that I suffer from manic depression and ADD, but they persist in irritating the piss out of me as though it's their job to do so. Why the hell do people seem to think its a good idea to fuck with crazies?? Why do people seem to think its necessary to rattle our cages? Are they really looking for an explosion (figuratively, of course)?

Seriously, if I were any further out on the edge than I am now, I don't doubt that I could easily waltz right into one of those meetings and start a scene the likes of which some of those people have NEVER experienced. And, the best part of all is that I could do it without using a single profanity, but while still getting the point across that I'm sick and tired of treatment received at the hands of school officials. Phrases like "I'm tired of the constant sodomy" or "you people are behaving like gargantuan male genitalia" or "quit trying to engage marginally sane people in intercourse." Of course, we could also start comparing some of them to horse's hindquarters, bovine feces, and other foul and loathsome things ... but I think I'll wait until I'm REALLY pissed off. I think, for now, I may just content myself with telling them that I would much rather deal with jackals, hyenas, vultures and other carrion-eating, bottom-feeding lower life-forms. If these people are examples of the 'norm' in the human race, I'd much sooner identify with the animal kingdom. At least with those sorts of beasties, one EXPECTS them to try to bite. One does NOT automatically expect them to behave in any sort of 'humane' fashion.

Of course, since there was no response to my 'oh-so-carefully' worded letter to the principal, I now have to resort to hand-delivering copies to the Attendance Office, the Appeals Committee, the principal and the assistant principal. I really hate it when I have to do things like that ... it wastes trees and just pisses me off more with each copy and new cover letter I have to make. If I still get no response, the next stop is the Superintendant's office. After that, I'll start attending School Board meetings again ... that should scare the crap out of the people who remember me from my time on the Board of Education. They know that I know a lot of stuff that isn't general public knowledge ... like how they sited the High School, how they 'finessed' me off the Board with the help of the District attorneys, how the ex-Superintendent lied to the Board and the public about wheeling and dealing, how much MORE school we COULD have had if a ton lies HADN'T been told .... I don't think they want me to start, even if they do think they can shut me up. It might raise some unpleasant questions about how the current Board is spending the taxpayers money, and will certainly overshadow any future effort to build ANY new schools in this District.

Unfortunately, just thinking about all that shit got me so pissed off I ended up w/a major migraine. I woke up with it again today, it worsened right about the time MSK started babbling about his clothes, got even worse when Jess reminded me about the meeting I had to attend tonight about Financial Aid for college, and, when I got out of there, my head was ready to explode. Now I still have to wash MSK's clothes, run the dishwasher and shoo the kids to bed ... I halfway wish my head WOULD explode - but that would be too damn easy and god knows, Thursday's Child has ..... FAR ..... to go!!!!

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