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Tried to avoid it, but did it again ...

Here I thought I was taking precautions so I wouldn't end up in the hospital again, but it appears I missed the signs. I'm still resisting going to the hospital, but I've started taking some antibiotics I had left over from last year. I bought bananas for my low potassium levels and lots of Gatorade (supposed to replace lost fluids), so maybe I can stay out of that stupid place for a while longer. I can't believe I didn't associate the constant BONE-deep aches, swollen lymph glands and terminal exhaustion with the possibility of infection. Funny how something inside your body can just get infected like that, isn't it?

Of course, I don't suppose humans were supposed to have large sores lining their intestines either ... might be how I got an infection, huh? Gee, I'm a clever one!! We'll just have to wait and see how my 'home therapy' works out. That, and cross fingers that the stress level stays manageable until I can (almost literally) get my shit together again. Then again, forces are conspiring to get me stressed whether I want it or not .... Steven wants that damn car running, MSK wants the taxes run to him up in Port Huron so we aren't late getting them out, Jess - god alone knows what SHE wants - so even without the added "benefits" of alien problems, there's enough here to keep me on edge for a while.

So, off to bed, perchance to get a decent night's rest for once ... I'm tired of tossing and turning because I hurt. With any luck whatsoever, tomorrow WILL be a better day. G'night world!

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