Thursday's Child ... has far to go ... (0nm10wn2feet) wrote,
Thursday's Child ... has far to go ...

A veritable cornucopia!

I know I should get to bed, but I am practically giddy!  Literature, politics, current events; I just couldn't seem to stop reading (and, shame on me, commenting).  It was akin to a feast for a starving waif!!  Not that I'm comparing myself to a waif ... heavens, far from it.  In terms of 'food for thought,' however, it was as though I'd been severely limited in my ability to converse with intelligent, knowledgeable, AWARE human beings.

I know that some of the people I talk to regularly are intelligent.  They just aren't aware.  I know that some of the people I talk to are aware, but they aren't terribly knowledgeable.  In the course of the past two days/nights, I've run across more people who seem to embody all three qualities than I think I have in the past YEAR!!!  I'm not kidding.  My contact with the outside world is rather limited, owing to a nasty case of manic depression and ADD.  Throw in the usual memory deficits that accompany age and you have a potent mixture of SCATTERED!

However scattered I may be, though, I still long for the give and take of good conversation.  The sharing of ideas, values, beliefs .... all the things that make humanity both so much fun and so miserable at the same time.  I might have found places where I can express myself freely and not feel inferior, vain, or like some sort of aberration.  Let's face it, lately, the only people who've actually heard a word I've said are my kids, mostly.  Everyone else admits that they only skim my lengthy posts, which is fair enough.  In today's world, if you cannot get the point across in a "sound bite," it stands little chance of being made, don't you think?

On the home front, we are taking a 'field trip' tomorrow ... Jess, Maureen and I are going down to Ann Arbor to the justly famous Zingerman's Deli!!!  The prices are steep, but the food is unbelievable!  I didn't make it down there today because I indulged Steven with another ride home from school in THE CAR.  It actually made it back under its own power for the SECOND time in a week.  Yippee Skippy!!  Either its getting used to me or I'm getting better at recognizing its 'glitches!'  I know, most likely the latter.  Whichever ... I still relish the looks that Steven gets when he gets in the thing.  May heaven help me, I am a nasty, vengeful person.  All those children that made my son's life a living hell for so many years can only look at him in that car and drool.  AND I LIKE IT!!!!!!

Shame on me.  Guess it proves I'm completely human, though, doesn't it?  Strange, out of step with others my age, but TOTALLY human.  My saving grace (I hope) is that I did two nice things today, and probably made at least two people smile.  I wonder if that counteracts the bad karma engendered by my previous gloating?  Another day, another imponderable ....

[another 3 1/2 hours of sleep! G'nite!!]
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