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Musing on the strange turns life takes...

It dawned on me today that, the more our world changes, in terms of people we relate to on a regular basis, the more it appears to stay the same.  Well, maybe not QUITE the same, but the same names keep cropping up again and again... often in conjunction with the most unlikely people!  I would like to think that this is an isolated phenomenon; that this sort of 'social incest' only takes place in certain small areas of the wider world, but I'm terrified that is not the case.  Consider what I've been privy to lately:

I cannot, simply can NOT, get over how the same people seem to keep cropping up in conversations.  Associated with OTHER people that, prior to my knowing them, never seemed to know EACH OTHER!  I dunno, it's just odd, I guess.

I mean, I thought it was the strangest thing I'd heard in years when I was told that one person's ex (MGG) was now in a relationship with one of my ex-aliens (MPD).  Especially since said ex-alien (MPD) has always had a propensity for living her life on the somewhat sketchy side, y'know?  Never, in a million years, would I have thought that this boy (MGG) was the type to go for her, but that's what I get for thinking, eh?  Strange days, indeed.

Since we can't remember the players without a 'scorecard,' MGG was the guy who used to be Megan's 'knight in shining armor.'  She's the poor kid who got mixed up with the infamous BTL - and anyone who has read my journal over the years knows THAT set of initials!!  Once BTL pulled his little "I'm going to live with a female friend, but don't get the wrong idea act" on Megan, MGG is the one who was there to pick up the pieces.  Over the past few years, though, he has proven to be a VASTLY different person than the one I believed he was initially.  Of course, that could be said of many of us, couldn't it?

It is especially true of dear MPD.  She was a basement-dweller here for a short time a few years ago, making herself persona non grata within an astonishingly short period of time; going on to become pregnant and, subsequently, marry a guy that was at least 10 years older than her.  Fortunately, since that hit the fan, I've had little to no contact with her - the last time being when she was still pregnant and needed help with car repairs.  I did, however, discover that she and the father were divorced shortly after the child's birth, making me wonder just how the hell she thought she was going to parent the poor babe in any better fashion than her own oft-married/involved mother.

Merely a passing thought, though, idle curiosity at best.  When I heard about her budding relationship with MGG, I also couldn't help but remember how 'generous' MPD was with her 'charms' even when she was living here.  It seemed that she had no qualms about engaging in risky sexual behavior then, and one can only wonder what sort of "things" she might have contracted along the way.  Like I said, never in a million years would I have considered MGG to be the type to "go" for someone with such a questionable lifestyle.  Quite frankly, I can't help but marvel at the circumstances that might have led to the two of them even KNOWING each other in any but the most superficial fashion.

Then, this week, another couple of ex-type people crop up in conversation.  Again, strange.  Not exactly surprising, but strange, nonetheless.  Hmmm, seems that one person who participated in dealing my child the single worst blow to her psyche thus far in her young life (SCH) has shown her true colors once again.  To, get this, a person who has dealt another of my ex-aliens (NWH) some similarly cruel treatment (if not worse, considering the fact that meeting her practically derailed his entire LIFE - MRH might ring a bell with some).  Seems the boozing prescription drug-abuser (SCH) was ALMOST playing footsy with the almost, but not quite, ex-wife's (MRH) roommate, then turned on him in a particularly cruel, nasty fashion.  Poor dude.  Too bad he had no clue.  Too bad his roomie (MRH) didn't pay attention a couple years ago when shit went down with others, huh?  Too bad all of these people seem so damned interconnected... almost like incest, but TECHNICALLY not.

Now, SCH was the 'pure-as-the-driven-snow' *choke*gag*cough* 'snake-in-the-grass' that assisted BTL's brother in destroying my daughter's world a couple years back.  Fortunately, she's (my daughter) recovered.  Unfortunately, she's become a very hard person to get close to since then; go figure, huh?  Anyway, dear, sweet SCH was viewed by all on-lookers to our little drama at that time as being the 'innocent.'  She really didn't intend to hurt anyone.  Right.  Bullshit, but that's beside the point here.  I believe anyone familiar with that little saga remembers my assertions regarding SCH's tendency to physically attach herself to her interest of the moment, as well as suck down copious amounts of alcohol and abuse prescription medication.  Turns out that at least one person found out the hard way that I was dead-on in my assessment.  That would be the feckless MRH, certainly not a paragon of virtue herself - not by any stretch of the most fanciful imagination!

MRH is probably not as well know in this realm, as I tried to severely limit my dealings with her and her husband, NWH, after his move out of my basement and in with her (during the last stages of her pregnancy, about 3 1/2 years ago).  NWH was my darling daughter's first foray into the realm of love and loss.  Also in a particularly painful fashion.  He has, however, attempted (more than any other) to redeem himself of late by making my kid his personal 'project,' of sorts.  He's determined to atone for his dealings with her, as well as somehow repay my "kindness" (his word, not mine) to him, by dragging her back out into the world.  Regularly.  Regardless of whether she wants to go or not.  I have to laugh but, at the same time, I just have to admire the boy's persistence.  AND his motives.  He IS trying to put his life back on track after his disastrous marriage, and he IS trying to be a responsible parent to his young son.  Gotta give the boy props for that, right?

For her part, MRH has managed, by her actions and all accounts from others, to call into question whether or not NWH truly is the father of said young son.  These actions continued, practically unabated by all accounts, after her marriage to NWH.  Indeed, we even learned that, despite the fact that NWH was his "best friend" at the time, the infamous BTL even partook of the 'lady's' generously proffered 'services.'  Mind you, this is the same BTL that our dear SCH has lusted after ever since their school days together.  The same BTL who was involved with Megan before MGG.  The same BTL who is the older brother of JCL, who participated with SCH in crushing my daughter's heart a couple years back.  NOW do we understand why the reference to 'social incest?'

I find the propensity for continuing drama in that realm absolutely fascinating, however.  Let's face it, I was almost, almost, convinced that WE were the ones that fostered all that dramatic shit.  Given the relative tranquility our home life has been since their absence, I would have to say that was COMPLETELY FREAKIN' OFF BASE.  WE are not the purveyors of drama that we were made out to be.  Sorry, but... um... NO.  I thank whatever quirk of fate, lucky chance or other random oddity led to our being (finally) on the OUTSIDE of this modern-day Peyton Place looking in!!!  And I pray to whatever deities might exist that it STAYS this way!

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