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Another day, another surreal moment... or two... or three...

I was rudely awakened at an unbelievably late hour by the sound of male voices arguing.  Yuppers, MSK and Steven, at it again.  About what now, you might ask?  Cars, of course.  More specifically, car parts.

More importantly, what happens when they share the same garage.  There is much jockeying for space and resources, I can tell you that!  MSK put his foot down, so to speak, this morning, telling Steven that he was more than welcome to spend his own hard-earned cash on a different engine for the GTO, but he would have to put it in the BARN.  Needless to say, that did NOT sit well with Steven.

MSK has a very valid point.  The 'munchkins' have, as they've grown, taken over more and more of the house.  To the point where MSK now disappears into the basement to watch television uninterrupted by the bickering that occurs whenever the girl and the boy are in the same time zone.  I don't much blame him.  It is tiring to have the same arguments with the same people over, and over, and over.  Short of throwing his weight around at this late stage, it is far easier and less time-consuming to simply concede the small things.  As long as MSK still has a computer he can still use to surf porn sites, and a TV he can watch sports on, he's a relatively content camper.

When it comes to Steven boogering up more of his garage space, though, MSK is NOT flexible - until the benefits are pointed out to him in a slightly more diplomatic fashion than Steven is capable of doing.  Steven stormed out of the house, hell-bent on expressing his displeasure via the skid marks on the driveway.  He then proceeded to hit a nearby convenience store for his energy drinks and the Coke I needed, then took off for a drive to cool off.  That's when he came upon a sign advertising a BARN SALE, complete with TOOLS and CAR PARTS.  He came back a lot sooner than *I* expected him to, that's for sure.

Turns out, the guy selling this stuff was getting rid of a lifetime accumulation of... just that... STUFF.  Car parts, machinery of all sorts, tools, you name it, he must have had it there.  Steven found an engine, in much better condition than the one he found during one of his recent 'junkyard crawls.'  The only drawback was that it was almost twice as expensive.  Not daunted in the least, Steven talked the guy down a little on the engine, then noticed an engine hoist and asked the price on that.  Sure enough, Steven managed to get the dude to take a little off that too.  As soon as he had negotiated a price he liked, the boy hotfooted it back here (and I *mean* hotfooted it!), frantic to get me to go to the bank with him and go back to get that engine.

The funny part is that, while all this was taking place, I was making headway with MSK - to the point where, before the boy came home, MSK had already agreed to let him put the engine in the garage.  Now, the boy's last words to me before he left were, "Mom, please help me out here."  I guess I came through again, without even realizing it.  After much running around, Steven now is the proud owner of a hydraulic engine hoist and a Pontiac 400cu block, with (oddly enough) 455 heads.  AND, the old dude was so cool about the whole thing that he threw in the little makeshift engine stand that he had the engine on, as well as let us take the darn things with only HALF the money down.  Now, that's a decent guy!  Of course, I promised that the boy would be back the very next day with the rest of the cash, as well as gave the man one of my business cards if there was a problem.  I guess it helps people with the whole 'trust' factor to drag one's MOTHER with them to barn sales, huh? *snicker*

MSK was a tad fussy about where Steven put the stuff when we got it home, but he evidently got over it enough to help Steven clean all the oil out of the back end of my truck.  Which was a good thing, since I refused to go to the store until that was done.  Since I've put off the store trip for about three weeks now, I think everyone was just more concerned about getting FOOD.  Someone really should remind me not to do that again.  The ensuing THREE HOUR store trip was a little more than I wanted to deal with.  Through judicious use of coupons, sales, and bottle returns, though, we managed to save over 117.00 on enough stuff to keep us going for at least another three weeks.  Overall, not a bad day's work, but still more than my innards were used to, I can tell you!  I'm tired, they're achy, and I'm crawling off to bed.

Hopefully, tomorrow will START better than today.  At least I have a small sense of accomplishment - that, and one ecstatic teen boy.  What more could a mom ask for, huh? *grins*

"The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed in the change:  happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up."
- Charles Morgan
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