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All apologies...

Lots of things going on, little time to chronicle all of them.  Just a few key points:

  • We are again a family of FOUR.  No more, no less, no unrelated persons sharing housing.  I'm not sure how I feel about that after so long, but I'll sort it out later.
  • I have had my nose stuck in WordPerfect, writing HTML, for the past three days, alternating between that and counting, weighing and photographing objects.  Time to sell everything possible and THEN SOME.
  • Next item on the agenda... find those dang savings bonds.  They're in that basement somewhere amongst the godawful chaos created over two years ago by another 'alien-child.'  Now that we have the basement bedroom back for storage, that entire mess needs to be cleaned up and reorganized.  Blah.  I'm NOT looking forward to THAT.  Damn kids anyway.
  • Hopefully, once I get about the first 30 or 40 auctions (eBay) out of the way (Longaberger stuff), then I can start on the Breyer Horses we've had sitting around in their original boxes for YEARS.  Yeah, I know, it will be nearly impossible to recoup our original investment on most of those too, but the money's gotta come from SOMEWHERE, right?
  • After that, it will be time to try to get rid of the dozens and dozens of horse magazines that I have in duplicate.  I'm not parting with my almost 58 year's worth collection yet, but the duplicates are taking up space and have to go somewhere else.  Other than the horse trailer, which still needs to be cleaned up for selling.  I'm tired just THINKING about all this!

I think that pretty much takes care of what I'M going to be up to my neck in for the next month or two...  How's life going for everyone else these days?? *snicker*  Not that I'll have much of a chance to commiserate, but I thought I'd at least ask!
PS - I'm now starting to realize why everyone complains so much about hot flashes.  They really DO suck ass!

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