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I want to let everyone on my Friends know that the controversy between my family and canta__per__me has been resolved - COMPLETELY.

The young lady and I had a nice, long chat this evening during which she apologized for things done, I apologized for things said, and we both agreed that lessons were learned.  In addition, she removed the offensive post and apologized directly to my daughter.  She and my daughter talked for a bit, and I believe everyone is breathing a rather large sigh of relief as a result.  I know *I* am!

I applaud the young lady for having the courage to suggest talking to me directly, as well as admitting that things probably should not have been done the way they were.  I apologize to her again, here, for the things that *I* said.  As I said in my other post today, I did not exactly handle things in as mature a fashion as I should have.

I would like to think that I am a big enough person to admit when I'm wrong.  And when I've jumped to conclusions.  In this case, it appears I have done both.  I may have had my reasons, just as she had her reasons for her reactions to things said, but I don't believe that excuses either of us.  It makes us human, though, and, as long as we remember these things, I believe it can be forgiven.

I want to thank all my friends, again, for their love, support, advice and encouragement throughout all this.  You guys are the GREATEST!!
PS - Guess what?  That community's new posts are now Friends Only... which, I think, is the best possible course of action.  That way, the members of the community can indulge without innocent bystanders seeing and possibly being negatively affected.  While I am quite sure that this mess had nothing to do with that change, it is one that I am glad to see.

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