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Mother's Day

I sincerely hope that all my friends either had a


or made some mother, or mentor, happy today.

My day was, as usual, "interesting." I awoke to raging cramps, with the attendant irritation to my stupid colitis. I only got a few hours of sleep the night before, having somehow begun to adopt 'vampire' hours instead of normal, human sleeping habits. Hopefully, today will begin to reverse that trend.

I then proceeded to handle all the mod duties on the Dll2 group, which I attempted to stay on top of most of the day. Then performed the usual "mom duties." Get girl up to feed cats. Make up grocery list. Wait for innards to settle a little. Clean up and get ready to go. Drive to store. Come home in time to check the cake in the oven, unload groceries, remove cake from oven, and make dinner. Following dinner, call my mother and have a chat. Frost heavily rum-laced cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting. Have a White Russian. Type on my journal like an inane fool, now that I'm drooping fast.

I do believe that I delegated the same tasks and refereed the same arguments that I did the day before. Exciting, huh? No, just goes to show everyone how NORMAL a day Mother's Day is in THIS house. Maybe, someday, I'll get that perfect Mother's Day, just like I had the perfect birthday last year. In the meantime, I guess I can settle for "interesting." It's better than the alternatives, that's for sure!!

At any rate, I hope that everyone else had a terrific day!!!!

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