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Meme #2

The heading on this is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?  So, here goes... this one is also ganked from demonlord_lover:

The ABC Meme

Accent:  Normally Midwestern Twangy.  It varies, quite a bit, depending upon who I'm talking to... I have the most horrible talent for mimicking accents without realizing it.

Breakfast or no breakfast:  No.  Not unless MSK has forced the usual Sunday morning fare upon me yet again.  Eggs, bacon and toast.  Eggs usually underdone, bacon usually HORRIBLY overdone and toast soggy.  Ewww.  I can't seem to impress upon him that I'm just not into it anymore (after 25 year's worth).

Chore I don’t care for:  Housework - of any sort.  I can DO it, and do it well, but cannot seem to FORCE myself to indulge on a regular basis.

Dog or Cat:  Cat.  Usually.  Most often George, since Minkie long ago decided that the boy was his favorite.

Essential Electronics:  Computer - and the computer in my truck.  The one that makes it so that it runs.

Favorite Cologne:  Wings.

Gold or Silver:  Silver.  For some strange reason, it looks better on me, I think.

Handbag I carry most often:  Tote with pic that Jess drew on it... I have several.  Second fave is a "Starry Night" tote that I picked up at a Detroit Institute of Arts exhibit (in better economic times).

Insomnia:  Sometimes.  For no apparent reason whatsoever.

Job Title:  I like Demonlordlover's description... doormat.  Actually, the one people seem to call me most often is MOM.  Or, THE mom.

Kids:  Two natural; one (large one), by marriage (MSK); several more quasi-adopted.

Living Arrangements:  My very own pit, complete with animal fur floating hither and yon on a regular basis.

Most Admirable Trait:  Keeping my head (usually) while others hyperventilate.  I prefer to call it adjusting to one's changing circumstances.  Or, rolling with the punches??

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior:  I used to lie like a rug.  Seriously.  I could lie with the best AND worst of 'em.  I outgrew it quickly when I decided that I wanted my kids to trust me when I told them things.

Overnight hospital stays:  More than I care to remember:  tonsils, rhinoplasty (to correct a deviated septum), appendectomy, kidney stone, labor & delivery twice.  I think that's it, but I'm getting fuzzy on details like that!

Phobias:  Lots of 'em... mostly involving insect life.  Arachnids and earwigs... and I don't like ants much either.  At least, not in the house.

Quote:  It'll be FINE.  Just FINE.  Everything is FINE.  Trust me!

Reason to smile:  Kids... even as big as they are, they still make me laugh.

Siblings:  Two sisters... both younger... both convinced that I'm not altogether there, y'know?

Time I wake up:  When I HAVE to.  Which is usually three or four times every day.  Really Early, when MSK leaves.  Early, when Jessa leaves (the past two weeks).  Mid-morning, when Steven leaves.  Almost Noon, when Melanie calls.  I may not get to sleep very early at night, but I make up for it with the 'snoozing!' Unusual Talent or Skill:  Juggling.  Not really juggling, in the physical sense, though.  Juggling everyone else's schedules, likes, dislikes, timetables, needs, wants, etc.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat:  Eggplant.  It's just too strange looking... and... well... STRANGE.

Worst Habit:  Inability to use that little two-letter word... "no."  Oh yeah, and disappearing for weeks at a time from my online communities.  Tends to make people nervous, I think.  Sorry!

X-rays:  Foot, hand, head (several times... still empty!), leg, knee, throat, upper GI, lower GI, teeth (frequently), kidneys... not sure what else.

Yummy Stuff:  Ice cream, these days.  Especially ice cream that will totally screw up my ulcerative colitis, like Coconut Almond Chip!!  I can hardly wait until Homemade Brand brings back the Peach ice cream with Peaches in it for summer... ooooh, my fave!

Zoo Animal I Like Most:  Penguins.  Out of all the critters penned up in zoos, I think they look the least pissed off about it.

So, that's number 2.  One more, and then I'm off to make dinner!

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