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Nope, never a dull moment...

Didn't I just update this thing with all the TERRIFIC life events that keep cropping up?  Strangely, I still feel like a bit of a magnet.  I'm sure everyone feels that way, though, don't they?  I'm not REALLY that unusual, am I?

So, We finally washed the poor, stupid dog... I think he's got some strange skin disease that sled dog-types seem to be prone to.  Some sort of eczema stuff or something.  Anyway, the poor bugger is going bald.  Not good for a Samoyed - it makes him look even stranger than he already did with his inner ear problem (walking lopsided and falling over occasionally).  Unfortunately for him, though, I had to spend my birthday money on a new toner cartridge for my printer.  Kinda hard to print out resumes if you can't read the damn things, isn't it?

MSK is quite proud of himself.  He and the girl child decided we should have a bonfire on Labor Day, and he 'harvested' the remains of the old gas grill to make, VOILA, a cooking rack for the bonfire.  I was dispatched to the store to get the fixings for beef kebabs and hot dogs, however, I was informed that this week's grocery money would have to last until MSK gets back next week Monday from his trip to Tennessee.  A dove hunting trip.  Yay.

Anyway, we combined a sit-around holiday with a burnt-meat day... yummy... well, not exactly.  I'm not sure what he used to start that wood on fire, but those kebabs tasted REALLY funny.  Of course, it didn't help that he rushed them out to the fire before I could even give him some sauce to coat them with.  Blarg.  I kept asking him to just wait a minute, but NOOOO.  He-Man Fire-Starter just couldn't contain himself.  I swear that's half the reason I was sicker than a dog yesterday.  It was a nice fire, though.  Saw a couple of meteorites, watched the stars for a while, kicked back and relaxed (after all the rushing to get dinner going).

Back in Real Life land, over the course of the past few days, I discovered that my siblings are having a bit of a 'problem' with each other.  Not too surprising, given the amount of irritation that one has expressed with the other and vice versa, but those two were always the ones to gang up on ME, so it's sorta surreal.  It doesn't help that we're not getting any younger, and both of them have 'issues' that are rather difficult to deal with at times.

Not that I'm little Miss Merry Sunshine, though.  FAR from it.  I just don't interact with people regularly enough for them to call me a bitch anymore.  I think.  At any rate, I've now been informed that I'm one sister's "favorite sister."  That title scares me.  My poor mother is succumbing to her intestinal problems over it, however.  Not good.  I figure that, when I get a three-paragraph email that mentions her intestinal disorder three separate times, she's not a happy camper.  Then again, family controversies have always had that effect on her, so I guess it's not unusual.

In the course of corresponding with the older of the two, I discovered that she's gung-ho to help out with the family research I've been puttering around with.  That's terrific, but I should not have spent much of the day yesterday (while feeling nauseous and dizzy) messing around with the genealogy notes and sites that I have bookmarked.  Yeah, that wasted a lot of my REALLY quiet day.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  School started again for the girl, so every Tuesday and Thursday, I have the house TOTALLY to myself.  Until dinnertime!!!  Woo Hoo!  Still, yesterday was a total wash, between the icky feeling and poking around in all that family tree nonsense.

THEN, I got a phone call today that will probably have ME in some intestinal distress in the next few days.  It seems that my RL friend's school district is determined to pull more crap on her Special Education kid.  We went a few rounds with them about 3 years ago over the way they handled the boy.  I ended up going toe to toe with a lawyer who, I've since discovered, represents one helluva lot of school districts around this state.  I won.  (Yeah, I'm not a little smug about that, am I?)  That time, anyway.  This time, it could be a toss-up, depending on how far the district wants to push it.  If it goes all the way to a due process hearing, I'm not sure how it will shake out.

Picture this, if you will.  The kid is 19, designated Emotionally Impaired and ADHD.  The public schools in Michigan have a legal obligation to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education to identified disabled students until they turn 26.  He was a "senior" last year, but still needs two credits to graduate High School.  The constant bane of his existence has been a teacher that has had him in four classes - and failed him in all four.  Guess who is overseeing his 'Transition' segment on his schedule this year ('Transition' as in, he gets to help the janitors - what sort of "transition" is THAT?)?  Yuppers, said 'bane.'  Also, the one class he HAS to pass in order to graduate is an English class.  It turns out that his teacher for that class is none other than a woman that failed the kid repeatedly in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

The real kicker in the whole fiasco, however, is that school started yesterday in this district.  The boy went to school in the morning and came straight home - with a schedule for classes that DON'T START UNTIL MARCH 2009???  The High School has changed to a 'tri-mester' program... and this kid is not scheduled to start school again until MARCH?  What happens if he fails English again??  I mean, it's not like he'd have another chance in the 2008-09 school year, now, would he??

I can hardly wait until the Assistant Principal at that school gets back with my friend.  I am known in that district as her son's "Parent Advocate."  They don't like me.  I cost them a lot of money just for them to have to do their jobs three years ago.  I'm not looking forward to this again.  I really am not.  Even if it WAS kinda an ego-boost to go a few rounds with a lawyer (I always think about the movie "Hook" and the line "Kill the Lawyer!") and come out ahead.  I'm already neck-deep in the updated State and Federal IDEA rules and regulations.  At the very least, I figure they've caused a serious disruption in a disabled child's education by putting it off until MARCH (disrupting Special Ed kid's education, big no-no).  That's where we'll start.

Needless to say, I'm not really happy.  I have a crick in my neck, a headache and am developing a squint from reading all that stuff.  It's not like I have a freakin' law degree or anything.  Seriously.  Frankly, I get a kick out of the fact that I did well enough that the State-appointed Mediator complimented me on my grasp of the situation and professionalism, the high-powered attorney even had nice words to say, but I don't have enough legal "experience" or "training" to get a job as a legal secretary.  This world sometimes boggles my mind.

Ok, /RANT.  Sorry, I just still really, REALLY want to find out what it's like to be BORED.  P-l-e-a-s-e???  Pretty Please???  Just ONCE? *snicker*

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