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Be afraid, be very afraid...

Warning - grossness behind the first cut - you might want to skip that one.

So menopause is having what I hope is its last hurrah...  I am reminded, yet again, of something I read about how men should be very wary of women.  I believe it had something to do with the idea that "anything that bleeds that much and doesn't die" is a fearsome thing indeed.  Yeah.   That would be me.  Anyway...

The fight is heating up in the world of Special Education versus the Mt. Morris School District.  The so-called "Director of Student Services" is either one of the most incredibly stupid, vindictive beasts I've met in eons, or smart like a fox - and it bugs the hell out of me that I can't figure out which.  Either the daffy broad knows something I don't about the laws governing Special Education, or she's so dumb that she doesn't know anything beyond the most basic of precepts.  The suspense is killing me.

We had the IEP 'Team' meeting last week and it was a relatively unsatisfactory and frustrating exercise, to say the very least.  The most interesting point was that the woman continually, throughout the entire 2 1/2 hours we were there, managed to ignore me as though I was somehow both mute and invisible.  Two of the other 'participants' acknowledged my input, but the woman sitting right next to me put a great deal of time and effort into ignoring me soundly.  I found it rather ridiculous and somewhat childish, but let it go.

Regardless of whether or not she chose to give credence to anything I had to say, the fact remains that my findings, questions, and input are all eventually going to end up being part of this kid's Individualized Education Program, come hell or high water.  One way or another.  We gave them the opportunity to do it the easy way by attending the meeting.  We even made it easier for them to correctly address all of our concerns by sending a follow-up letter two days after the meeting, outlining everything we THOUGHT was addressed and raising issues that didn't get addressed due to time constraints.

We got the boy's proposed IEP back from the District last week and, surprise, it contained precisely NOTHING that we requested.  Not one of the major issues we raised was addressed in that worthless document.  Only one of the assessments we requested was even alluded to in it, and none of the Transition Services - necessary to help this poor kid learn to function as an adult when this school kicks his butt out on the street - not a single one of them was included. Although, there were a few things that got thrown in - gratuitously - that were utter falsehoods.  What a farce.

The entire thing read like a scathing indictment of the STUDENT'S failures, with no mention of the reasons for said 'failures.'  In addition, they brought up issues that weren't even hinted at by the school last year, like the kid's personal hygiene?  Where does THAT belong in a Individualized Education Plan???  I mean, let's totally ignore the fact that these are the "education professionals" who have been tasked with trying to help this kid learn for the past FIVE FREAKIN' YEARS, shall we?

Oh, yes.  'We' shall.  'We' shall quite firmly, and repeatedly, point to the fact that the STUDENT failed because the student CHOSE not to attend class regularly.  In no less than three separate places in that flawed "document," that point was hammered into the ground.  We shall also ignore the fact that 'we' have been told, repeatedly, that the boy did not attend class regularly because he was sure he wouldn't get a passing grade even if he did all the work (hmmm, might have something to do with his EMOTIONAL IMPAIRMENT, maybe?).  We will also ignore all the trust issues that were raised in both the meeting and the follow-up letter.  Then, let's compound matters by bringing up the fact that the kid wasn't in school on the day the IEP Team meeting was held, BUT we won't mention that it was because THE SCHOOL failed to schedule the kid for classes.  Nope, we'll just make it look like the kid didn't feel like going to school.  And we certainly won't mention the fact that the poor boy was ESCORTED off school grounds the week before this stupid meeting when he went to request a copy of his transcripts.  Right.  'Scuse the language, but... FUCKERS.  Asshole fuckers.  Monkey-raping, kitten-kicking, baby punching, fatherless sons and daughters of unwed female canines.

So, I'm back to square ONE, after having had a week to divert my attention from legalese.  I have killed over a ream's worth of trees so far and we have only had the first meeting.  Needless to say, the proposed IEP is being sent back to the District with the "appropriate box" (quoted from the sticky-note attached to what my friend received) checked:  "I do not agree with this IEP and request mediation."  The next step is totally up to the District... at their expense as well.  They get to call the mediation agency in their county and, within 15 days, set up a meeting with an "impartial third party" to assist us in making our points.  It should prove to be a most interesting and informative session, to say the least.

Right now, I have over 20 pages of preparation for a Due Process Hearing ready to turn over to an attorney.  That is without the numerous legal references that I am accumulating to insert in the appropriate areas to bolster my assertions as to the procedural and other violations that have taken place - just this year alone.  If we go to a Due Process Hearing, we may be able to have an Administrative Law Judge adjudicate issues as far back as 2006 (two year statute of limitations) in order to get this kid placed in a setting where he might actually, um... novel concept... LEARN?   Eh, back to the salt mines - highlighting, and notating, and ferreting out every single little bit of petty bullshit that I can. We attempted to work with them, however ill-fated we might have felt that attempt would be.  Now, it's time to put the smack-down on some butt-munching, supercilious, smug, superior BITCHES.  And I'm just the BITCH to do it.

Do I sound pissed off?  Yeah, probably.  Oh well.  I can't ALWAYS be little Miss Merry Sunshine, y'know?! *SNERK*  I mean, seriously.  I remember having this same feeling when I was dealing with that lawyer four years ago... the one with the 'short man' complex that was bigger than he was.  The whole time I was going around in circles with the twerp, I kept thinking, "He knows something I don't know."  In the end, though, it turned out the doofus was just bluffing and got all pissy when I called him on it.  Hopefully, it will turn out that my paranoia was for naught yet again.  But I'm not going to half-ass this thing on that slim chance.  Nope.  Not this bitch.  And, if I get my ass handed to me on a silver platter, I will know that I missed something in my prep, but at least I will have given it everything I could.

Thus ends this installment of my altogether too narrow-minded rant on the state of my world.  And I didn't even get to the part about my own "special" children, their vehicle woes, the Presidential race, local politics, the job market, or any of the other sundry items nipping at my heels.  Eh, next time, 'k?

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