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Yes, I'm procrastinating...

Can you tell?  I suppose so, if you're one of the many people I've bounced around commenting to lately.  I can't help it.  The laws in this country are so damn convoluted that it practically defies description.  Arrrggghhh!!

I find it so very hard to believe that it's necessary to have the exact same references to rules and regulations in no fewer than THREE places for the Feds, TWO places for the State, and only ONE additional place for the Intermediate School District.  AND, of the SIX different places, the one closest to the local level is the MOST incomprehensible!!  What's up with that?

To top it all off, two of the Federal references also mention additional citations from other Federal sources that, what a surprise, have the EXACT SAME WORDING as the original rule/law they're referenced in.  Imagine that.  Reading the exact same wording in FIVE different places.  Why would they feel the need to put the exact same wording in FIVE different places for one stupid rule/law?  I don't get it.  I don't want to get it.  My brain hurts just thinking about it.

I suppose that's why I'm not about to become a lawyer very soon.  Although, I know damn good and well that they don't read the complete texts of these stupid laws/rules.  They just find the references that they need to make their point, research the case law on whatever law/rule it is, and they're home free.  AND, they have nifty libraries, both hard copy and online, that allow them to do so much easier than what I'm doing right now.  I guess that's why we pay them big money - so they can pay for the subscriptions to these nifty references, right?

I am at the point (again, for the umpteenth time in the past month or so) where I so desperately wish I could turn back the clock to about five years ago.  Back to before MSK's brother lost the business.  Back when we had 'disposable income.'  Back before I squandered so much of it on horse showing and associated accouterments.  Although, I suppose it's a good thing that wishes AREN'T horses these days, or I'd be so buried in doo-doo that I'd never see the light of day again!!

Oh well.  Back to reality.  I don't have the money to throw around willy-nilly on my 'causes' anymore.  I can't just drag my friend's kid around to various psychologists and get independent evaluations of his impairment and how it affects his education.  I can't buy a lawyer's advice for a couple hours and cut through this bullshit the easy way.  Then again, I'm learning (much the same as I did with the landfills and hazardous waste incinerators) more than I ever wanted to on the subject.

I just have this horrible feeling that I'm driving myself batty on this and we'll end up having to cave in to the freakin' school district anyway because we can't afford to do anything else.  That would sooooo piss me off.  Seriously.  These people have screwed with this poor kid's brain six ways from Sunday and I want to see them at least be held responsible for what they DIDN'T provide him.  Pfft.  Paranoia runs rampant in the wee hours of the morning, doesn't it?

Ok, enough about special education, my senseless regrets over money misspent in past years, and other stupid things.  The political scene isn't making me very happy right now either.  I watched the debate last week and about bust a gut laughing at all the horrible faces McCain was making.  And his arrogant, disdainful attitude toward Obama was ridiculous - he didn't even look directly at the man when he was shaking his hand!  How freakin' rude can you get?  Gee, for a guy that "suspended" his campaign to work full-time on the financial crisis, he sure accomplished a buttload, didn't he? *chortle*  And didn't you just love the way all those whiny-assed Republicans used Pelosi's pre-vote speech to justify their voting against the bail-out bill?  I actually heard one dumbass come right out and say that it wasn't because of the content of the bill... he voted against it SOLELY because of what Pelosi said before the vote.  How adult is THAT???  GAWD help us all!

Don't even get me started on McCain's stellar choice of running mates.  Golly Bob HOWDY... loved some of the stuff she said in her interview w/Couric.  What a hoot!!  I can hardly wait for the VP debate this week.  If Biden profited from his 'practice partner,' the much-maligned Governator of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, he'll wipe the floor w/Palin and do it without patronizing her.  It should prove to be quite educational, eh?  I sincerely hope that we'll be treated to the same airheaded responses to questions that Katie Couric got (even though "Debate Camp" is really supposed to help).  I think Tina Fey on SNL really nailed her impression of Palin on that... and... Russia is, like, in our backyard, so I think that's some real foreign policy experience, cuz, like, who would know more than Russia's next-door neighbors, right?  BWAHAHAHAHA!!

My own "special" children are driving me up a wall.  If hormones aren't getting the better of one, frustration and anger management issues are getting the better of the other.  Like they say on Derby Day... "Aaand they're OOOOFFFFF!!"  And running.  Usually at each other.  With implements, sometimes.  I could have SWORN they were older than that but, lately, they resemble nothing so much as their former 10 and 13 year old selves.  Is it something in the air??

Well, I managed to ramble myself into stupidity on just three subjects already, so I guess it is past time for bed.  After all, morning comes whether I want it to or not.  With it, comes the opportunity to find out anew just how little I can accomplish over the course of the day while seeming to be busy all the time.  That one still makes me wonder.  Anyone else have that problem?

If you read behind the cut, I can only apologize.  I really didn't mean to go on like that, but... well... "stuff" happens, y'know? *snicker*  Hope everyone has a restful night and a terrific day tomorrow/today!

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