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Got three, yup, count 'em, THREE hours of sleep today. While on my way to the bedroom, however, I had to pass by my 'puter. Somehow, if the power is on and the cable is working, I can never seem to walk past the sucker without checking email, etc. In the process, I saw the following, posted by unkyrich, watched the whole thing, and had to pass it along. Actually, it was pretty good, even if I wouldn't know most of the actors from a hole in the ground.

Fortunately for all concerned, this is the very first political "message-oriented" post I've done in ages... yay, me, huh? *wink*

And now, time for some SLEEP - I hope. Finally got some cough syrup, tho, so I shouldn't have the same problem. Wow, old cough drops are the PITS!!

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