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OMG... and it's only the 11th??

Well, this is yet another example of how much things can change in the course of a few short days.  Welcome to my CHAOS!!!

I could've sworn I was still in Michigan, but now I'm not so sure.  Right after my last post... that very night/morning, I had a most interesting discussion with a former alien-boy which ended up with me haring out of the house for COFFEE at an ungodly hour of the morning.  I really did, seriously, intend to go to bed that night, but it never happened.  I mean, I was gonna go to bed, but when I looked at the stupid clock, it was already 4:30 am.  And I had to be up at 8:00 am to get every one up and moving. No way was I actually going to get to sleep and then be awake again that soon.  So, at 5:00 am, there I was, slinking out and hoping that my overly loud truck didn't wake the whole household.

It was fun, though.  I hadn't laughed that much in a long time and it was a much-needed break from the usual.  So, I guess I'm back in his good graces for a while, which is nice, since this one is quite able to fend for himself and I only get to hear about the really interesting things - not real heavy on the angst, y'know?  Funny thing, though.  After that, it seemed like the floodgates opened.  No, not really; to be honest, I'd already heard from a couple other former alien-children the week before, so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised to hear from this one.  And, like I said, talking to this one was... relaxing.

I should have known, though, that others were waiting in the wings.  It just seems like I've heard from almost ALL of them in a very short length of time - that's what makes it seem kinda surreal.  Maybe it's just because I've heard from some and heard ABOUT others that makes it seem that way.  I dunno.  And this isn't making much sense either, is it?  That's ok, I'm confused too.  Anyway, after getting home from coffee at 8:00 am that morning, I immediately filled the girl's tire with air, and then got a call from my RL friend - who had a HUGE confrontation w/her husband the day before.  Major crisis stuff there, let me tell you.

So, while I'm talking to her, the girl gets moving to school, the boy gets off to work, and I'm sitting here, trying to stay awake because I have to call the girl's cell phone at 3:45 pm to make sure she's awake for her last two classes.  I didn't really believe that she'd sleep in her truck, but I guess she did, cuz she was horrified at the drool spot she left on her book bag when I called her.

MSK called on his way to bowling and chided me for leaving without a note (he gets a little disconcerted if he wakes up and finds me gone, go figure).  I DID, however, leave a note but, because it didn't jump up and bite him in the face, he missed it.  I also woke the boy, who was sleeping on the sofa, and told him to tell his father where I was.  That's why MSK didn't bother calling my cell phone, which was right in front of me, waiting for the call, while I was at coffee.  After that, I figured I may as well stay awake, since the boy was due home any time - that didn't last long.  I started feeling really woozy and icky, so I laid down and... CRASH.  Out cold.

At least, I WAS out cold, until the girl came home, and woke me up telling me that the boy wanted me awake.  WTF??  If he really wanted me awake, he would've done it himself... whatever.  So, I stayed up long enough to watch the last half of the debate, eat, read some, check email, then, back to bed - at 3:00 am.  Not conducive to getting up again at 8:00 am.  I didn't wake up until Mel called at 9:30... consequently, Steven was late to work.  Bummer.  The kid needs to:  1) start sleeping in his room again, and 2) use his own alarm clock.  MOM is not the most reliable when dealing with other people's problems and getting no sleep.  Not at all.  As evidenced by the fact that I didn't wake up the following morning until 8:45 am, when Mel called again.

In between those two mornings, I spent most of my time with the headset on my head and Mel in my ear.  It seems that she's finally, after 14 years, had enough of trying to mother her husband.  She's had enough of being the only adult in the house, being the only one responsible enough NOT to piss away any money they might have had.  She discovered that her DH once again ran their bank account in the red to the tune of over $600... and they were just barely managing to pay their bills before they were shut off BEFORE he did it.  In these ungodly economic times, I can't believe that he was THAT much of an idiot.  Then again, he's done it to her every 4 to 6 months for the past 7 or 8 years now, so why should he do differently now?  What a freakin' moron.

Of course, there's a lot more wrong with them than just the money issues.  Every time this happens, she goes through the entire litany of abuse - the neglect to the kids, the lack of effort around the house, the selfish, whiny attitude... it all gets hashed out, things improve for a couple weeks and then it gradually goes back down the toilet.  This time, I think she's done.  But that's not going to help her and the kids survive.  So, since her DH had to borrow money from the next door neighbor just to get enough gas to go stay w/his brother, she didn't have money for stuff for her & the kids.

Well, we all know who rode to the rescue there, don't we?  Yup.  Wednesday night, there I was, finishing dinner and getting ready to drive to Mt. Morris when I suddenly remember, I haven't called my mother.  It was her 75th birthday... and one really doesn't want to miss mom's birthday, y'know?  So, we all get on the phone and do our usual half-assed job of singing "Happy Birthday," and I chat w/her for a while.  In the midst of that, I get a call, look at the caller ID... and it's ANOTHER former alien-child I haven't spoken to in months.  I start laughing and go on talking to my mom.

I called the aforementioned alien-child as I got in the car to drive to Mel's.  I figured we'd have a nice chat and I'd be off the phone before I had to stop and pick up the two gallons of milk Mel needed.  Um, nope.  Seems that we weren't using up that many of the boy's minutes, so he was in a chatty frame of mind.  Which is fine, but I have this thing about being on the phone while in a public place.  I NEVER do it.  As the saying goes, however, "Never say never."  For the first time in my life, I was on the phone while transacting business in a public place.  THE HORROR!!!!  Ok, so it was a convenience store, and I was just getting two gallons of milk.  Still, it is SOOOOO rude and annoying, even if everyone else in the world does it.

The alien boy should feel special that I did that just for him.  REALLY special.  Damn kids, anyway.  I got all the way to Mt. Morris and out of the car before we finally finished the convo.  Whew.  In the course of it, I discovered that yet ANOTHER alien-child is back in the Great Lakes State after having a miserable time in Louisiana.  Fortunately, this is one I'll NEVER hear from directly.  Thank GAWD.  The last thing I need is to deal with THAT ONE again.  In case you couldn't tell, we didn't exactly part on good terms.  Evidently, he and the one I was talking to aren't agreeing on some thing or another, so I had to dig through 5 years of LJ posts to find where they were arguing and write something about it.  Some days, I feel like the repository for all their shared memories, y'know?

Of course, after that, I was just waiting... with barely bated breath... to see who else would crawl out of the woodwork.  And, today, I found out.  Another "country" heard from.  Whoa.  Now I'm really cringing, waiting to see what happens when/if ANOTHER shoe drops.  Nah, never mind.  I'll deal with all of it as it comes along, that only makes sense.  What with holding Mel's hand through her upheaval and vicariously encouraging several others, I think I have quite enough on my plate as it is.  So, lemme see... special education mess-check, in-laws selling their condo-check, resident-kids sniping as usual-check, MSK reeling off lists of tasks for ME to accomplish-check, alien-children touching base-check, friend's marital woes-check... have I missed anything?  Well, maybe time to catch my breath?  Pshaw... who gets THAT these days? *snicker*

I guess that's enough of the cornucopia of FUN I've had in the past few days, huh?  If anyone wonders why I'm not reviewing or commenting as much as I have lately, it's probably because I've gotten lost in the maze that seems to be my own life at the moment.  But I'll find a way to avoid most of it again soon, as always!!

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