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Once more, the UNITED States of America!!

As I told an LJ friend, I remember so much... JFK, RFK, MLK... so much hope lost, so many dreams deferred.  Now, with the election of Barack Obama, we have yet another chance to fulfill those dreams.

We have, again, witnessed an unprecedented historical event in our nation's history and I am overjoyed that my children and I not only witnessed it, but PARTICIPATED in bringing it about.  We (Jess, Steven & I) all went together this morning and exercised our constitutional rights as a family.  And felt damn good about it all day.

Jessa and I made a flying trip to the local mega-store around 10 pm to get a bottle of Asti to celebrate with when (yes, WHEN) the race was called.  And, I mean flying.  Steven let me take the TransAm and I had FUN.  Jess didn't, though.  I believe the quote was "They [cars] are not toys, mother." *snicker*

We got home just as CNN called the election for Obama and popped the cork.  We sat there, alternately laughing and crying, through McCain's concession and Obama's acceptance.  This evening, McCain sounded more like the John McCain that I would have voted for in 2000 than he did the entire campaign, more's the pity for him.  This would've been a far closer race had he sounded like that all the way through.  I was glad to hear him encourage his supporters to unite behind Obama and to seek ways to promote bipartisan compromise.  It was a wonderful speech from a man who has served this country in many ways for MANY years.

Obama's acceptance speech was, as expected, letter-perfect.  He struck just the right conciliatory notes, hit on all the issues still facing us, and reminded everyone that this is only the beginning of the fight.  I still firmly believe that the man knows what's ahead of him, and will hit the ground tomorrow ready to dive into the particulars of what is needed to get us back on the right track.

I was especially struck by the differences in the crowds at the two different campaigns' election-night headquarters.  The sea of faces in Grant Park was amazing - as the CNN cameras panned the crowds, it was like seeing a microcosm of America's population right there.  Young, old, multi-ethnic, multi-racial; all those faces shining with hope.  So many were wiping away tears - whether of disbelief or of joy - and it was the same here.

I am not a religious person.  I don't generally pray much, since I believe more in a more all-encompassing, yet nebulous, "higher power" and that we are the agents of our own fortune or misfortune.  I am, however, praying to WHATEVER deity will listen tonight - God, Yahweh, Allah, Budda, Vishnu; Kamis of ANY way, shape or form.  Please, PLEASE, let us have the chance to see the dreams get off the ground this time.  PLEASE let us have the opportunity to come together behind the leadership of this exciting, charismatic, energetic, intelligent man... the chance to see, again, just how amazing Americans can be when the chips are down and the deck is stacked.

I'm going to bed now.  It's been a long day and an emotional night.  Regardless of your politics, I'm hoping you'll join me & mine in working toward the solutions to the problems that we, as a country, are facing.  After all, it can only result in good for all of us, right?
PS - If this sounds disjointed, I blame the Asti!!

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