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Lately, I think my life is strange...

Fair warning to all my LJ friends... the next few posts will be long, rambling, and relatively pointless to anyone who doesn't know me. They will be filled with all the exciting and unusual things that have happened in the past couple of weeks (gawd, has it ONLY been TWO weeks?).

You will read about our dog dying unexpectedly Saturday morning. You will hear how my horses (supposedly) are leaving me tomorrow. You will learn, in excruciating detail, how I almost lost my life today when the WHEEL (yes, the whole freakin' WHEEL) went flying off my truck at 60 mph on a 5-lane highway.

They will be musing, full of self-doubt and angst, and generally unfit for consumption around the happy, holiday season. So, as I said before, FAIR WARNING!

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