Thursday's Child ... has far to go ... (0nm10wn2feet) wrote,
Thursday's Child ... has far to go ...

I think this is where I start crying...

I am officially toasty... the universe can quit dumping on me any minute now and I would be perfectly okay with that.

Dog died... Wheel flies off Ram, but no lasting damage (aside from the noticeable dent in the fender)... promised horse transfer falls through yet again...

Brakes fail on "Danger Ranger" this morning... get said 'baby' truck stuck at end of 1/4 mile long driveway because of bald tires and 4" snow... $1,100 later, get said 'baby' truck back... pull evasive maneuver to avoid flying sofa - on the freeway - in the dark - at 80 mph... come home, try to relax... and break tooth.  Right at the gumline.  Why?

I know I'm not the world's nicest person.  I can be downright mean sometimes.  Still... I've got to wonder, y'know?

Stop the world, please.  I want off.

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