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WHEE!! Are we having fun YET?

I'm tellin' ya, the fun NEVER ends around here.  Yesterday, it was the killer infected ears and sinuses (for which I got antibiotics, thank ALL the Kamis!).  Today, it was TOTALLY unexpected ORAL SURGERY!!!!

Seriously, I thought the damn visit today was just a pre-op consult like the last time I had oral surgery.  Nope, they were all set and ready to yank what was left of my tooth, do a freakin' BONE GRAFT, stitch the hell out of it, and send me on my merry way.  Supplied, of course, with the requisite pain-killer and anti-inflammatory prescriptions.  Which, of COURSE, needed to be filled BEFORE I went home because, although I live in a house with THREE other licensed drivers, I am the only one who would be capable of going to the pharmacy and back, doncha know?

As far as I'm concerned, this year can't end soon enough.  Then again, I think I said that last year, and look what happened!  I'm still here, and still dealing with all this FUN!  Honest to Hamantashen, I just can't believe it.  Oh well.  As I keep trying to tell myself, even though things are really kinda shitty, they aren't as BAD shitty as other people have it right now.  And the things that are happening don't end up as badly as they COULD have, so I guess I should thank the Goddess for small favors, eh?

On second thought, maybe I'll just wait for that Vicodin to kick in and go to bed.  That would be preferable to sitting here, wishing I could eat something and knowing that, if I did, I'd probably be in a world of hurt from trying.  I needed to go on a diet anyway, right? *lopsided novacaine smirk*

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