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Duck and cover??

I just knew that 2008 wasn't done screwing me over yet.  Just KNEW it.  Early Sunday morning, around 5:00 am, we lost power due to the high winds that wuffled across our great state of Michigan.  Just in time for it to be COLD and miserable.  AND for the poor out-dated generator to decide that it really didn't want to be overworked in the cold like it was this past summer in the heat.

Fortunately, Steven will not let little things like ENGINES get him down.  Nope, no siree!!  Just as MSK gave up trying to coax the poor thing into working, Steven saved the day.  WHEW!!!!  I shudder to think of what it would have been like here if we hadn't had the generator for the past two days!

The only problem with the generator is that it is... well... OLD.  I purchased it back in the early 90's when the kids were little and we lost power for almost a week (and MSK was out of town).  It has served us well over the years, with the exception of the time MSK left it outside and the mice built an impressive nest in it.  MSK is of the opinion that a 5,000 watt generator should be able to run just about everything in the whole house.  You know, of COURSE you can plug in the water pump (well water here, y'know?), alarm system, AND the hot water heater at the same time, right?  WRONG.  You also cannot run the furnace, 42" television, receiver, DVD player, lamp AND the refrigerator at the same time.

But don't tell MSK that.  Uh uh.  HE knows what the generator can run and what it can't.  Right.  And he's just the guy to sell that bridge to - you know - that bridge in Brooklyn?  Anyhow, I called my friend Melanie and drove the 40 miles up to Flint to borrow THEIR generator, since she thought it was a 5,500 watt one.  Remind me to NEVER listen to what Mel thinks again.  Turns out theirs is just a teeny 1,500 watt generator.  That's good enough to run EITHER the refrigerator OR the freezer, but not both.  And, I hadn't gotten two feet out of their driveway when it tipped over in the trunk of the rental car (remember, the one I wasn't supposed to SMOKE in - the one they charge extra for excessive cleaning?) and spilled gasoline all over it.  Who the hell has a generator sitting around the house with a full tank of gas in it???  Melanie, I guess.  That was a relatively pointless trip, but it worked out okay anyway because... the process of trying to prove that he was right, we believe that MSK completely messed up the circuit that the refrigerator is supposed to run on.  When the power came back on and he tried to plug the 'fridge back in, he got lots of sparking and arcing.  Yay!!  Let's burn the house down as our last hurrah for the year, right???  Ah, I'm thinking... NO!!!!!!

Although, he did try his best to do just that by frying out two power strips while we were using the generator.  You would have thought that, after the first one, he would have left well enough alone.  Not him!  The second one was actually a surge SUPPRESSOR.  How the hell he managed to fry that is totally beyond me.  Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with either incidence, and he managed to clear that fried electrical odor from the house before I had to smell it.  After the time my father tried to burn his house down when the stove shorted out, I will never forget the odor of fried electrical appliances.  I hate that with a passion.  Needless to say, we may be looking at having an electrician come out and figure out what, exactly, my dear hubby did to the circuit board.  Yippie Skippy! *wince*

Today, I was the lucky sod who got to wend her merry way over to Battle Creek and find my poor, abused truck.  Fortunately, it was, indeed, at the place where the wrecker driver said he'd take it.  Equally fortunate is that the damage was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  Only $600.00 - as opposed to the $1,000 that I thought we'd end up with.  It turned out to be the wheel bearing, not the control arm.  The mechanic said that we were lucky that the wheel didn't fall right off the truck, though.  Pfft.  Like I haven't done THAT already this year! *snicker*  Well, it would've been a whole lot worse to have the wheel fall off the FRONT end of the truck than it was to lose the BACK wheel, so I guess we can all be grateful for the small favors that fate has rendered, eh?

Anyway, I dutifully trudged the rental car (Nissan Altimas are really rather cute little cars, y'know... even if they ARE supposed to be large cars) back toward Kalamazoo, in advance of the 'Winter Weather Advisory' that they issued for our area today.  We made pretty good time, got to Battle Creek and picked up the truck, then proceeded to the Kalamazoo airport - with JESSICA driving MY truck.  That had me scared witless.  Srsly.  The kid has enough trouble handling the 'Danger Ranger;' the Ram is considerably larger.  Despite my nightmares, we got to the airport in fine shape, returned the rental, visited my mom for a little while, loaded the truck with all the leftover food from Christmas dinner that she didn't give anyone else, and made our way home.

We saw the Edison truck on the corner as we got home.  Just as we pulled in the driveway, we noticed the neighbor's lights come on.  What great timing, eh?  Despite the fact that we still have to run the refrigerator on a generator, I'm not about to complain!!!  Unless, of course, we somehow manage to lose power during the 3 to 5 inches of snow we're expecting overnight.  THAT would really SUCK.  Although, I would not be surprised in the LEAST.  I'm not holding my breath for the next two days, that's for sure.  And, while it might seem like I'm putting a lot of stock in 2009 being a better year, I'm not really doing that either.

I am hoping that we all stay relatively healthy and happy.  I am hoping that our economic situation improves, even slightly, this next year.  I am hoping that I can find, at the least, a part-time job that will help with all the bills.  But that's all I'm doing right now.  Oh, yeah!  AND staying home as much as possible - at least until the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing all my friends a safe, lovely, warm, HAPPY start to the NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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