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Nope, not done yet!!

So, last night, I had just finished weeding through my inbox when... dun, dun, DUN... the power went out AGAIN!!!!!!

The generator decided to die right then and there.  Thus, we spent an entirely too chilly and snowy night, alternately trying to get the generator to work and starting a fire in the fireplace (that we haven't used since the LAST time the generator died).  While working on the generator, we had blowing, heavy snow all over the three of us... even the tarp that MSK rigged didn't help.  I think I had 1/2 inch of the white stuff frozen to my hair by the time Steven made me go in.  I don't even WANT to think about what 2008 can still deal in its waning moments.

The juice came back on at about 3:00 am - exactly when I had predicted it would reappear.  Aren't I good?? *snicker*  I was so tired that I ignored the persistent chirping of the alarm system for about three hours before I finally managed to stir enough to shut it off.  And take some drugs for the ungodly pounding in my poor head.

I'm tired, I have a migraine, I need to go shopping, I need to sort through the crap in the refrigerator, I need to try to keep MSK from messing with the 'fridge circuit... I'm toasty already!!!!  I still need to call the stupid prescription-by-mail company that evidently charged me $80.00 for ONE MONTH'S worth of my antidepressants.  WTF?  They were supposed to supply three months for that price.  I'd dearly love to know what's up with that - unless our prescription plan decided to up the co-pay AGAIN.  Frankly, that's just unreal - but it would be par for the course, wouldn't it? *sarcastic smirk*

I'd like to cry, but that would make my head hurt more.  I'd like to scream, but that would do the same thing - although, I did scream some obscenities when the power went off again last night.  I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that the boy-child doesn't have any trouble with my truck today.  I don't even want to think about it, but can't help it.

Now, with Mr. "Eternal-Optimist Adjuster-Man" (MSK) cheering me on, I'm off for a long-awaited HOT SHOWER, then we'll see if my attitude improves.  I'm still buying the steaks for tonight.  I don't give a rat's ass if we have to cook the meat on skewers in the damn fireplace.  I'm having me some COW tonight, along with some SHRIMP, and some ASTI, and some barbecued hot dogs, crackers & cheese, and maybe a couple of smoked oysters.  I'm sending this miserable year off with the best I can rustle up, then... like the 'Scarlett O'Hara' I am... contemplating the coming year TOMORROW!!!!!

In my book, after this year, all's well that ENDS... period. Just, please, PLEASE, let it END.  This has easily been one of the longest, toughest years we've ever had and it is ending true to form.  I am loathe to complain (too loudly), however, as we are all still alive, relatively healthy, and capable of forging ahead (hopefully without killing each other in the interim!).

With many good wishes for all my friends to enjoy their day & evening safely and happily...

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