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Oh, gee... ANOTHER year?

Y'know, I'm getting really tired of being a chew toy for the fates... or whatever the Billy Hell is behind all this FUN.  I don't know anyone else, with the possible exception of my friend, Melanie, that has THIS much FUN.

I know, I can see my LJ friends nodding.  I do try to hit some of the good points, honest.  For example, MSK was able to fix both the circuit board and the plug for the refrigerator all by himself... that's certainly a plus, right?  And, despite the fact that my beautiful top-of-the-line Maytag refrigerator DIED, we do still have one that works (knock on wood, repeatedly!).  And, despite the fact that my younger horse, Doc, has decided to turn into "Houdini Horse" (escaping from our pasture without any visible clue as to how), he does stay around the pasture... kinda... and hasn't gone near the road.  Oh, yeah.  And I could have been at a stupid meeting in Mt. Morris today, but I'm not.  Those are all very good things, right?  Right???

So, why does the offsetting icky stuff still feel excessive?  I mean, I could CRY over the stupid refrigerator.  I thought it was something simple like a problem with the compressor or something like that.  Well, it IS kinda simple, but it turns out that my big, beautiful, feature-filled Maytag has the old R-12 refrigerant.  And the repairman said that, even if we could FIND the stuff, it runs at least $90 an OUNCE.  Damn it.  Damn, damn, damn.  To TRY to repair the poor beast would be over $1,000 - which, of course, after the fiasco with the truck over Christmas, we certainly don't have.

We could claim it on our homeowner's insurance.  Power outages and the attendant appliance death is covered.  Our only problem is that damn $1,000 deductible that we had to have in order to afford the insurance in the first place.  CARP.  CARP, I tell you!  The other part that just makes me ill is that we purchased my beloved refrigerator when we remodeled the house - back when we had the business and life was good.  The same refrigerator today would cost about $2,000 to replace.  I LOVED that refrigerator.  Really, you don't understand... you can't possibly know how WONDERFUL it was to have such a beautiful refrigerator.  Pull-out glass shelves, humidity-controlled bins, gallon-sized door shelves, thru-door water, ice and crushed ice... it was heavenly.

Okay, I sound like some sort of sicko, right?  Waxing ecstatic over a kitchen appliance... yeah, really strange.  You have no idea how much time, research, effort and shopping went into the purchase of that particular appliance, though.  That, along with my beautiful Kraft Maid cabinets, was the epitome of my home furnishing/decor efforts.  All right, yes, I guess it was a big deal to shop for all the family room stuff, along with all the color coordination of tile, carpet, wallpaper, woodwork, et cetera, ad nauseum.  But that refrigerator was a house-mom's dream come true.  Complete with an exterior that resisted grubby paw prints.

I suppose it would be good to add that, when we "remodeled," we actually almost GUTTED the house.  We added 1200 sq. ft. of space both upstairs and down; gutted the living room and made it a dining room, and added a new laundry room, office-type room, and family room.  We installed all new windows, several new doors, rebuilt the garage completely, re-roofed the old roof in addition to the new roofing, completely re-did the exterior in vinyl siding and stone fascia, and installed a fireplace complete with stone-faced chimney.

We went from having 1,500 sq ft on the ground floor to having 2,100 sq ft on the ground floor, with a walk-out basement that runs the entire length and width.  And we did all of this at the SAME TIME.  We were reduced to living in our bedrooms and one corner of the basement for about 6 months.  It was all worth it, though, when it was done.  Well, it was worth it, but I'd never do it again... nor would I recommend doing anything that drastic to one's home to anyone else.  At least, not without having somewhere else to live while things were being torn apart!!

At any rate, our house is as close to perfect as it could get without building a new one.  Our appliances were all updated at the same time, along with most of the furnishings.  Things really could not have been more terrific at that point - little did we know what was waiting for us down the road, eh?  So, what was the point about all this rambling?  Ah, yes!  The refrigerator.  My poor, beautiful, wonderful, huge refrigerator.  Blarg.

Just this afternoon, though, MSK came up with a wonderful idea.  He started searching for refrigerant on eBay.  And, surprisingly enough, found it.  For far less than the estimated $90 per ounce too.  Wonders never cease, huh?  Now, if I could just get in touch with the repairman again to see if he'd give us an estimate on getting the compressor, my world would be so MUCH brighter!!!  Well, with the exception of "Houdini Horse."  Who, by the way, seems to have decided that staying home was a good idea today.  He'd damn better well have... MSK and I spent enough time freezing our butts off in the snow and dark last night, restringing fencing, to see to that!!

With any luck whatsoever, the man who said he'd take the buggers before the holidays MIGHT, just MIGHT, come get them tomorrow (before the Winter Storm that's predicted for tomorrow night).  He called yesterday while I was outside rounding up said equine escape artist.  That would alleviate the need for going to the hay auction on Monday with my neighbor and spending more money that we don't have... but I'm NOT holding my breath, y'know?  Even if it is a new year, I don't usually have that kind of luck.  I'll settle for something moderately in-between fortunate and bad luck!  We'll see how that particular 'sticky wicket' works itself out in the coming days.

Anyway... yeah.  Kudos to anyone who actually made any sense of the rambling past the cut.  I have no idea what got into my brain today, but I do know I'm tired of trying to think of ways around all the various 'glitches' life continues to toss us.  I still feel like I'm tap dancing without the slightest clue as to how!  After all these years, that clueless feeling sorta sucks.  However, as always, I "shall endeavor to persevere!" *snicker*

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