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Today... sucked.  Woke up late, made Steven late, then had horribly painful "problems" that made me late showering.  Got Jess up late, she was a little late to class, then figured out that I forgot to take the Excedrin that I NEEDED.

Got to Mel's with an hour to wait before our Special Education meeting about her son.  Watched her make cookies, busied myself trying to get the animal fur off my coat, skirt and laptop case.  Got to the meeting just in time for Mel to inform me that her fever was spiking again.  Yippie Skippy.  I remember the ungodly virus I caught from her at the last Special Education meeting we went to... damn it.

The meeting seemed to drone on forever... had to yell at Mel and Tommy both, three times, about bickering over off-topic subjects.  Then, just as we're about to get to what *I* figure should be a MAJOR goal for them to help the poor kid with, Mel decides that she NEEDS to leave... right then.  More damn it.  Squish all three of us in the 'Danger Ranger,' walk Tommy through filling out some forms (and fill out half of it FOR him) for Rehab services through the state while Mel packs the cookies that she wanted to send to a friend in Ohio.  Take Mel to the post office, go to Kroger and get some groceries, then deposit Mel back at her place.

By this time, it's freakin' FIVE O'CLOCK.  I've been on the run since 9 am, without much of a break.  Get home at 5:45 pm.  Grab just the things I need for dinner out of the groceries in the back of the truck, leave said truck right in the middle of the driveway 'parking lot,' and proceed to fly into the house.  Defrost the chicken while changing my clothes, then work on slicing and browning the bird pieces, while emptying the dishwasher and refilling it.

Steven comes home and slams his way into the house, demanding to know why I left the truck in such a lousy place - then proceeds to bitch, piss and moan when I inform him that he could help by taking the groceries out of the back of the Ranger.  While he's getting the first load, MSK gets home and asks the same question about the location of said Ranger.  He gets the same story and, with more bitching, the Ranger is unloaded and moved.  THEN we get a call from a friend of Steven's - and Steven needs to drive into Holly to pick something up from said friend.

I still had to finish cooking dinner (watched linguini does NOT cook very fast, let me tell you!), then leap in MSK's car and go back to U of M to get Jessa after her last class at 8:15 pm.  Finish cooking dinner at 7:00 pm, put the groceries away finally, then hit the road right at 7:15 pm... taking Steven into Holly with me first, then continuing on to Flint to get Jessa.

Steven needed to stop at an ATM... the first place with an ATM sign no longer had their ATM (something about removing it for remodeling).  The next place had one, but he had to wait to use it.  The clock was still ticking - and I knew someone would be calling me to ask "Where are you?" if we didn't get moving.  Get to the friend's house and it is blessedly brief there.  Get on the freeway back toward Flint and thank goodness that the rush has passed.  Get to U of M ten minutes before her class lets out... hooray.

Funny thing about picking the girl up after class.  If you plan on being early, she will get out of class before you get there, and bitch about having to wait.  If you plan on being right on time, she will get out of class late.  If you are running late, she will be out early and will call to bitch.  I think that's the "Murphy's Law of the MomBus."  Anyway, we ended up waiting 20 minutes for her to get out of class.  Just enough time for my adrenalin rush to wear off, of course.

I'm home now, having returned around 9:15 pm, and have finally eaten something with slightly more nutritive value than the chocolate chip cookie I had at Melanie's house.  I'm getting really sleepy, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to sleep.  I'd better, though, because I have to play 'human alarm clock' again tomorrow.  I'm seriously considering buying a rooster for that boy - since he doesn't seem inclined to sleep in the same place (upstairs, downstairs or in his room) two nights in a row, can't stand wind-up alarms, and refuses to move an electric one around according to his choice of sleeping space on any given night.

Yeah, today sucked.  Bet tomorrow will - at the least - be slightly less active... unless 'Houdini Horse' decides to roam the neighborhood again!!!!
PS - never mind trying to get to sleep... I'm going to bed, since I seem to be nodding off over the keyboard.  G'night!

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