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Comcast lies ....

Yeah, right. Comcast high-speed internet is less frustrating than dial-up .... maybe, except when it's not working AT ALL!!! Even when the dial-up speeds sucked, I could still get online, sorta. When Comcast screws up, your ass is TOAST. So now I'm stuck trying to dump 9 more baskets at the last freaking minute because I couldn't use my "Comcast High-speed Internet" all night .... thanks a shitload, Comcast!!!! It just figures, though. With my luck, I'll get about half-way through my next Sam's Club order and it'll fuck up again - thus effectively screwing up the food order for the next MONTH or more. Let's face it, things are so much easier online except when they're NOT, right? Or, except when YOU'RE not (online, that is). And, with the forecast for freezing drizzle tonight, I'll bet almost anything that we'll lose power. Especially since MSK STILL hasn't taken the generator in to get it fixed! Add this to the fact that I can't get in touch w/my shrink's secretary about Jessa's meds, and two completely shitty progress reports from school yesterday, and I'm really looking forward to the holidays - NOT!!

As I informed both my son and my daughter this morning ... I am not trying to claw my way back from the edge of self-destruction just to have the two of them blow up in my face. Like it or not, the two of them are going to have to pick up their own slack and get busy, or there will be hell to pay. I'm not in a good mood anyway, what with the constant pain in the guts. I'm in an even worse frame of mind since I messed up that damn ligament in my knee again yesterday ... and now IT hurts like a bitch every time I bend it OR put weight on it. Pain and I don't get along too well, that's for damn sure!! I'm very cranky right now, in case no one's noticed.

One bright spot, though. Will has managed to make himself welcome with the "natives." Jess got all the way through that HUGE book he loaned her this weekend. The three of them watched TV together last night ... and the last I heard, they were all laughing hysterically at some odd thing or another on Comedy Central. Will is scheduled to go to Outback in Clarkston for an interview today ... here's hoping they hire him, since it's so much closer than the one in Novi. That will certainly help boost Will's spirits, since he's been sick almost since he got back into Michigan. Nik is finally coming out of his illness, but the two of them made Missa sick, which is REALLY not nice to do to a pregnant person. Poor girl ... hope she feels better soon. I also hope I don't end up with whatever the two of them had, 'cuz I have waaaaaayyyyy too much to get done in the next few days.

This afternoon/evening will be reserved for Sam's Club/food shopping & cleaning the living room. I'm not selling any more baskets until after the first of the year, so all the packing shit can go back downstairs or outside. Tomorrow, I tackle the horror that used to be a dining room. Then we start hauling the decorations out of their hiding places. After the holidays, I start (again?) trying to list and box up all the books, as well as sorting through all the toys to weed out the ones we can take to the Salvation Army. I also have to list and box up all the video tapes ... and see which ones I can off on eBay to supplement the income we AREN'T getting yet. I find it hard to believe that MSK is such a ditz that he's worked there almost a month without getting paid, but that's exactly what has happened. And we're supposed to live on thin air? But, that's MY problem, not his ... just like everything else ... always MY problem. Aw, piss on it .... it's a gray, crappy, wet, slimy day, and I have to go to the Post Office and the store. I may as well get that part over with, so I can go lay down and (hopefully!) sleep away the aches and pains again.

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