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Odds and ends...

Under the cuts, as usual... don't want anyone screaming about spamming the F-list!

This one I ganked from the LJ comm splodefromcute:

The lesson here is noted by the commentators at the end of the video... and it happens to be oh-so-true... if they can get along, what's wrong with the rest of us?


I got this from CNN today:

Dutch Navy kicks some pirate booty!

This, along with the stellar job done by our own naval heroes, serves as a lesson to underage thugs all over the world. Do NOT fuck with people who have more firepower than you. Period. Not a good idea, unless you want to get your ass either offed, or otherwise messed up.

Red Alert for the InuYasha Fandom!

This past week brought another wank explosion touched off by one of my least favorite people in my preferred fandom, taiyoukai_nile. Yes, the person who was primarily responsible for the implosion of everyone's favorite Sess/Kag site, A Single Spark, is at it again. GAWD, does this woman not have a brain in her head? Is it really necessary for her to serially piss off entire segments of the InuYasha fandom??

My advice: Anyone who is still posting at InuYasha Fan Fiction ( or participating in the LJ comm iy_fanfiction should take a good, hard look at the person running the show - and decide whether or not they really want to be associated with her. You can check out the latest batch of wankness at luxken27's journal page (Entry that recounts the madness...). It really is a cautionary tale.

The moral of the story? If you want to associate with this person, be very, very, careful to watch for all her mood swings, don't piss her off, and... most of all... don't put too much time and effort into anything you do connected with her, or you might find yourself on the outside looking in, as so many others have discovered to their chagrin.

She's been associated with the demise of my favorite Sess/Kag site, she's hijacked a LJ comm, what's next for this enterprising soul?? I honestly don't want to know, thanks. Oh, and by the way, DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN ANY OF YOUR MONEY!!!

Today, we have had a mass "auto clinic" in the driveway, with mixed results. The Raminator is back on the road (for now), but the T/A isn't. After that, the guys moved on to the Chrysler that got unmercifully creamed last week on Jordan's birthday (Jordan being Brad's girlfriend). The sad news is that the Chrysler is toast. There will be no redemption for it due to the frame and cross-member damage sustained when the 89 yr old blind dude clipped the kid at highway speeds. The major body members are now jammed up against the radiator and fan shroud, causing massive noise and leaking. Without a body shop bill that will amount to the same price paid for said auto, there won't be a happy ending. Too bad, cuz it's a really cute car.

Then Steven proceeded to try to start the 'Cramaro.' Not even a burp. Not surprising, though, since it sat in the neighbor's yard for nine years. Next?? Either Brad's car, which (maybe in sympathy) starting making noises this morning, or just some good, old-fashioned bashing of miscellaneous items in an attempt to relieve the frustration.

All in all, not a good overall total on the day...

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