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Better frame of mind ... not much change, but better mind set anyway ..

Well, got to the Post Office, after our WONDERFUL mail lady made an extra trip past our house to drop off a package I had to sign for ... that woman is just the BEST!!! She knows my truck, so she knows when I'm on my way to school to get the kids. Since I wasn't home when she delivered the mail, she left a notice in the box. Well, she figured I'd be back by the time she was done with her route, so she just stopped by once more. What a doll! I can't say enough about our mail lady ... she is just simply the BEST ... period.

Anyway, got my biz done at the Post Office ... money orders mailed, packages mailed, stuff like that. Went to Kroger and got a few necessities to tide us over until MSK gets paid (hopefully) this Friday. Managed to squeeze the budget for some Burger King for the first time in a while .. I'd forgotten how good fast food could taste when you don't eat it regularly! I'm in a better mood, having gotten the running around done and eaten, but my knee is still KILLING me - I think I'm gonna have to give up and ace the stupid thing. I hate hobbling around the house with an ace bandage on my knee, but that's the only thing I can think of that's going to keep that ligament from getting any further messed up. I still don't know what our new health plan covers, so it's not like I can run to the nearest orthopedic surgeon and get it looked at or anything. Blah.

Oh well, at least Will's interview went well, and Nik & Missa whisked him out of the house for some socialization this evening (hopefully not another "blind" date w/John the male model!) In case I didn't mention it, Will is gay - and rather proud of it. No problems here ... I'm just happy to have someone around who doesn't mind handing out a hug now and then, and picking up after himself. It is rather funny, tho, when MSK makes some sort of male chauvinist pig remark and Will says something sarcastic about himself. Like last night at dinner .... MSK said something about the large baked potato he had being "man-sized." Will looked at me and said ... "Does that mean I get one that's HALF man-sized?" I almost died .... choking back laughter!!! The guy is just a scream, but so sweet and helpful .... he's fun to have around.

Jess and Steven both were thoroughly chastened by the 'discussion' we had about grades this morning. Steven talked to all but one of his teachers and has assignments for extra credit that could - potentially - bring his grades up to C level by the end of the semester. Jess, on the other hand, decided that there wasn't anything she could do to improve her grade in English, so she's just going to get all the rest of the work done in that class - not exactly my first choice, but I understand why she's reluctant to approach the teacher. He is more than a little sarcastic with the kids at times. And, while she might be able to deal with it in the 'outside world,' High School is still very much a place where "sass" is not tolerated ... and any attempt on her part to rebut any sarcasm WOULD be considered "sass," I'm quite sure. Especially since tone and inflection are not particularly well-thought out without her Adderall. I left another message for the secretary, so I'm hoping to get her back on it soon!

My knee is aching like crazy, and I need to move the truck before MSK gets home from bowling. I'm hoping to be able to get a full night's sleep for once, instead of prowling around the house, trying to get the internet connection to work and cussing out Comcast every five minutes! I still feel a sense of loss and confusion ... a feeling that lurks in the shadows and only comes out in the dark, still, nighttime gloom ... but I'm trying to go on with life anyway, and trying to believe that ... somehow, someday ... things might get cleared up. Stranger things have happened, haven't they?

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