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Oh, GOODY!! Just what I've ALWAYS wanted!

Okies... here's the latest installment of the exciting adventure I call my life... I have a kidney stone... in my kidney. I didn't, as I had hoped, already PASS the stupid thing. No such luck. There's one still in my kidney and it's going to continue to cause me grief in more ways than one. How do I know this? Check under the cut... today was FUN!

So, I was up really, really late last night exchanging messages and comments with all sorts of wonderful people whom I dearly love. Really. And I didn't finally haul my butt to bed until around 4:00 am, when I knew I had to be up at 8:00 am. Needless to say, it was a little hard to crawl out and I only managed it around 8:30 am. And promptly crawled right back in after attempting to wake Steven.

I didn't reawaken until 10:30 am when the phone rang. I tried to answer it, since the caller ID said it was the doctor's office. The handset went dead twice before I figured that the battery was dead. Then I noticed the time and panicked, thinking that Steven hadn't left for work and he was late. He was already gone, thank goodness. I briefly considered calling the doctor's office to see if there was anything that I ought to know, but immediately discarded that idea. Why? Have you ever heard the saying, "What you don't know won't hurt you?" Yeah, that was the thought.

I kinda figured it was about yesterday's CT scan, but also figured that they'd call back if it was REALLY important. They did. And, as it turns out, it was. Sorta. Kind of. At least, THEY thought that having a stone IN my kidney was important enough to tell me about. Yeah, that bad boy isn't gone, like I'd hoped. It's still there, waiting to make me really miserable at some point down the road, so the doctor thought it was a good idea for me to see the urologist SOON. I took down all the pertinent info and promised to call for an appointment with the specialist right away. Which I did - aren't you proud of me??

I even remembered to call the pharmacy and have them call the doctor's office to get the antibiotics I was supposed to have... I just didn't make it to the pharmacy to get them. I'll take care of that tomorrow. Honest. Anyway, when I called the urologist, they wanted me to bring any results I had WITH me. I don't have the test results, my doctor does. I told them that. Then I asked where they were located... turns out they're in the SAME DAMN BUILDING as my doctor's office AND the place I had the CT scan done. Wha...?? They told me to call the doctor's office and have them send the results. Sounded simple enough to me.

And it WOULD have been simple, if my doctor's office had an automated phone system that included an option to talk to a real person for something other than an appointment. Their phone system, sadly, doesn't have that option. I finally (after two phone calls, trying to figure out how to defeat the automated system and talk to a person) chose the "medical records" option. THAT recording told me to leave my name, phone number, date of birth, spell my last name, and they would process my request for my records within 48 hours. That's all well and fine, but my urology appointment is tomorrow at 1:30 pm. I called the urologist back and explained the whole thing. I was told that, if they don't have the results by the time I get there tomorrow, they'll call the doctor's office then. Double wha...??

Does anyone else find it... I dunno... odd that they'd be willing to call the doctor's office tomorrow while I'm sitting there, but not today so that they can have it ready for the urologist? AND THEY'RE IN THE SAME DAMN BUILDING? The building ISN'T that big!!! Holy WOW. And people wonder why the health care system in this country needs some SERIOUS revamping. Not me!

I'm fairly certain how it's going to go tomorrow. I'm going to arrive, 15 minutes early as requested, to fill out paperwork. I'm going to be shown to an exam room. The doctor is going to come in, ask why I'm there, and find out that he really needs the test results in order to have a meaningful conversation with me. He will leave. A nurse will tell me that *I* have to go down to the first floor and attempt to retrieve my test results. When I get down there, the receptionist is going to tell me that I have to talk to someone in medical records - and it will take 48 hours to process my request. I will return to the urologist's office, they will charge me for an office visit, and I will have to set up ANOTHER appointment for the following week when I am able to obtain my test results so that they can look them over. Want to lay bets with me on that scenario?? No? Chicken-shit!

OR, someone could have taken some initiative and actually gotten the records this afternoon instead of waiting until tomorrow. But I find that unlikely as hell.

Or, it could conceivably work the way it's supposed to, without me having to fetch the records or wait terribly long for the records. Anyone taking that bet? Eh, all I know is that I still feel pretty crappy and I'm really hoping someone can do something to allieviate that. But I'm not about to hold my breath.

If anyone wants to start a betting pool as to how tomorrow is going to go, feel free. This could be more interesting than the 50-1 long shot in the Derby, y'know? *snicker* I'll let you know which scenario wins tomorrow, 'k?
PS - As for "moi," I am off to bed, hopefully to get some SLEEP. Pleasant dreams, everyone!

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