Thursday's Child ... has far to go ... (0nm10wn2feet) wrote,
Thursday's Child ... has far to go ...

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Baby steps ...

One thing at a time ... that's what I'm managing at the moment ... one thing at a time. I got the packing material out of the L-room today, next step is to corral all the packing peanuts and shredded newspaper that George has scattered all over the place. Hard to believe that one small cat can make that big a mess! Then, on to the larger problem .... the dining room. Yuk - I don't think I can even face the thought of it right now. Especially not when my insides are still violently protesting almost everything I eat ... this just isn't fair. Either I take my meds and end up with painful attacks of colitis, or I don't take my meds and end up dazed and confused. Damned if I do, damned if I don't ... whatever. I guess all I can do is what I am doing - keep plugging away at it until all the work is done. But right now, it's time to go lay down and let my poor guts settle a little before I start on any other projects tonight.

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