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Hmm, where to start?

I've heard it said that the beginning is always a good place, but I'm not sure where that is. I suppose I should start with where I was when I dropped out of sight.

I'm not sure the dawn is really here yet, but right around the 4th of July, things got incredibly... difficult... to deal with. I think some of it had to do with the fact that, as I left, I basically said "good-bye" to MSK's dad. He has colon cancer and has opted (at age 87) not to have treatment. He was incredibly frail-looking when we were there, and I was sure that I wouldn't see him alive again. I started brooding about that, and a bunch of other stuff and, as usual, I didn't recognize the symptoms until after I had already spiraled out of control to the point where I was just sitting here, hiding from the world. Probably not a good thing to do, but major, clinical depression will do that to a person when they don't have anyone around that recognizes what's going on.

My only RL friend has more than her share of problems, so she wasn't able to yank me out by my hair this time. My son & MSK are generally oblivious when it comes right down to it. My daughter had a clue, but not any inkling as to how to stop it. Besides, it's all too easy to ignore the girl-child's carping. I do it on a daily basis as it is. So, yeah. I wasn't about to admit that she was right and that I needed any help. Not only that, but I didn't exactly have the money to GET any outside help anyway. That always sucks.

As per usual, life kept getting in the way as well. I don't know what made me one of fate's favorite playthings, but I do wish I could figure out how much longer I'm gonna be dealing with my karmic debt!! I mean, c'mon. It's bordering on ludicrous now... in fact, it's getting downright ridiculous. Srsly. This month, however, I suddenly decided that I was spending far too much time hiding and far too little time shouldering my responsibilities. Yes, I am still having a problem seeing the proverbial "glass" as being "half-full," but at least I've kicked myself in the ass enough to communicate with people more.

Communication has its downsides, though. I feel guilty for not taking care of my share of the work on Dokuga. When I finally poked my head out of the sand, I had over 16 imminent deletion notices to send to authors for rules violations. I dutifully slogged through all of them, but now I'm facing having to delete at least 4 stories that were relatively popular because the authors didn't get back to me or fix their problems. I hate that part. *sigh*

It has finally decided to be summer here - all of a sudden. Last week Sunday, we had a thunderstorm go through (on a 92 degree, miserably humid day) and the power blinked on and off about eight times. Finally it came back on and we all rejoiced that we wouldn't have to spend a miserable night without the air conditioning. Of course, as always, we rejoiced too soon. The next day, the power went off around 2:00 pm... without a cloud in the sky. No clue what happened. I called the power company and Edison gave me an estimate of 11:00pm that evening for restoration. Those people are cruel. Really, REALLY cruel. Mind you, we don't have WATER without power... the joys of living in a rural area. That's not to mention the stuff we would lose in the refrigerator (oh, yes, bright spot... the beautiful 'yacht anchor' of a frige is working again) and the freezer

After we got through carping at each other over dinner, we all sat around outside and tried to avoid the mosquitoes without having to put on more clothes (or too much bug dope). Right around 10pm, I called Edison again - and was informed that my power had been restored. Funny, I hadn't noticed any difference between the dark, sweltering house before I made the call and the dark, sweltering house WHILE I was making the call... freakin' liars!!! Detroit Edison has this voice-activated automated system so, when I snorted into the phone at hearing that my power, which was still OFF, had been restored, the system didn't like it. It kicked me back to the "Report An Outage" prompt. This time, they told me we wouldn't get our power back until WEDNESDAY night at 11pm. WTF???

I gave up and called Melanie to see if we could borrow her generator, since ours DIED. Just a few too many outages for the poor thing last year, I guess. At 11pm at night, I picked up the darn thing and headed back home, only to run through the only rain shower ANYWHERE in the vicinity on my way. MSK's car has something wrong with the plastic lenses on his headlights... they're all cloudy and it's really hard to see in the dark and rain in that poor thing. THAT was "interesting." Especially when I had to swerve to avoid that deer that decided that a rain shower was the perfect time to take a stroll on the damn freeway. Gotta love the local wildlife, huh?

Fortunately, the power came back on at 6:30am Tuesday morning, just AFTER poor MSK had left (having had to wash and shave with cold water in the dark), but just in time for Steven to take a hot shower. Yeah, I laughed a little over that one, may the powers that be forgive me. The strange part is that we still have no idea why the power was on from Sunday night through Monday morning and only decided to crash on us Monday afternoon with no severe weather whatsoever in the area. Stupid Edison. Stupid power lines. Blah.

Thursday I went to get my teeth cleaned, after having missed my 6 month checkup by about 4 months. That wasn't exactly good news. There has been so much gum recession that they really couldn't do a regular cleaning. They were trying to sell me some super duper deep scaling and cleaning thing which would have cost about $465 - which I don't have - but decided against that when the dentist examined me. The dentist surmises that I have some sort of funky bacteria in my mouth that promotes gum disease. WHEE! As he said, I'm one of those "special cases." Gah, don't you just LOVE being "special?" Yeah... um... NO! I don't either. So, NOW, I get to go see the periodontist... Yippy. Can you tell how utterly and completely THRILLED I am??

That brings us to last week Friday. And that, my dear friends, is a tale in and of itself... a tale of how you just never know what is going on in other people's minds. And how that lack of knowledge can come back and bite you in the ass at the worst possible time. Until I post the next batch of misery... which you really should NOT be reading anyway... au revoir!

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