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Monday morning sets the tone for the whole week... LAST OF THE THREE!

At least, I've been told that Mondays do that to some people. This week, I totally agree. Even though I'm posting this on Friday night/Saturday morning, the HORROR that I awoke to on Monday is still quite fresh in my mind.

Monday morning, I was up bright and early to get Steven up for work. I went back to bed shortly after he left, since I'd been up until 5 am the night before. The phone rang just before noon and I was a little slow answering until I saw Steven's cell number on the caller ID. The first words out of his mouth were "We have a problem, I got hit in the eye with a screwdriver at work this morning."

Wow, was I ever wide awake in NO time whatsoever. Coming from a sound sleep, it didn't dawn on me until later that, if he was making the call, it couldn't have been THAT bad. No, the only thing I could think was "Dear God, he's put his eye out." First question out of MY mouth, "Not with the BUSINESS end of it, was it?" His response, "Nope, I got blasted in the left eyeball with the handle. The urgent care doctor wants to send me to an ophthalmologist because I have a large scratch on the cornea, and he's not sure how serious it is. My phone is cutting out and you have to come get me from work when I get back there, okay?" Before I could agree, his phone died.

Adrenaline certainly helps wake a person up fast, doesn't it? I got myself ready to go, and checked email and messages while I waited to see when I should pick him up. He called about 30 minutes later asking where the hell I was. It seems that his phone cut out before he could tell me that I needed to get my ass on the road IMMEDIATELY. I ignored the nastiness because I know what he's like when he's scared and in pain - a complete prick. I hopped in my truck after shoving the phone at Jessica while she was still sound asleep and took off for Lake Orion (about 45 minutes on a normal day). I made the trip in 30 minutes.

When I get there, he's outside smoking with a godawful huge patch over his eye. His boss' assistant poked her head out to see how he was doing and I'm afraid I didn't hesitate to tell her that I certainly hoped they were going to take care of him (meaning not give him a batch of crap over Workman's Compensation). I was in a VERY bad mood at that point, having finally heard HOW the screwdriver ended up blasting his eye. It seems that his co-worker, a man with a great deal of seniority in that position, asked Steven to help him with a truck he was detailing for a press conference. In their effort to line up the battery box cover with the base, this co-worker had jammed the screwdriver in between the two pieces. He then directed Steven to hold the cover in place and, without removing the screwdriver, proceeded to whack the base with a hammer - thus dislodging the screwdriver with some amount of force, directly into Steven's eye.

I was not a happy mommy at that point, that's for sure. I got him in the truck, got all his possessions out of the Ranger that he drove to work that day, and set off for home to await the time of his appointment with the specialist. During the ride home, Steven was freaking. All he knew is what the urgent care doc said about the scratch and how they can sometimes carve that out with surgery. The kid was terrified that he'd lose the sight in that eye. Srsly. And there is NOTHING harder to deal with than Steven when he's angsting over something. Finally, I told him that, if the doctor had thought he was going to be blinded by this accident, he would have transferred him to a hospital instead of referring him to a specialist. That calmed him down substantially - he never knew I was crossing my fingers behind my back when I was saying it.

We spent a total of 30 minutes at home before we turned around and headed to the specialist's office. When we got there, I had to fill out about seven pages of stuff for the poor kid. I couldn't help but think what a horrible time he would have had if I hadn't been there! *I* was tired of writing when I finished - Steven would have had hand cramps!! After the nurse took us back to see the doctor, an intern came in to take a look. Interns are interesting... they tend to roam about in groups in some practices, y'know? In Steven's case, the first intern brought another back to get her opinion. It didn't hurt that both of them were nice-looking. After they were done, they left and brought yet ANOTHER intern to check it. Finally, the actual doctor came in and all three interns stood there waiting for HIS analysis. Steven was something of a celebrity that day - one of them quipped that he had the "eye of the day."

The consensus from all four was that, despite the fact that it was a "quite large" abrasion on his cornea, it wasn't as deep as it could have been and would, most likely, heal without any permanent damage. I finally uncrossed my fingers at that point, breathing a sigh of relief. They re-patched his eye and gave us a prescription for antibiotic eyedrops, instructions to remove the patch in the morning on Tuesday and leave it off, and an appointment to see Steven again on Thursday.

Steven left there feeling considerably better than he was when he went in, but was still somewhat concerned about what his boss would have to say. The guy isn't known for his sympathy and understanding when people aren't at work... but he shocked the hell outta me and Steven this time. He was completely understanding when I called him and let him know that the kid couldn't come back to work until Friday at the earliest. AND he apologized for the accident happening to the kid. Just wanted what was best for the boy, talked about what a great worker and a terrific kid he is... whoa... totally out of character for this dude, but greatly appreciated nonetheless.

At this point, I need to digress slightly. I had made plans, a couple weeks ago, to get away from the family for a little personal vacation. The last time I did this was about 15 years ago when I visited my sister-in-law for a weekend. I was going to leave on Friday the 21st and go up to the northwoods (Grand Marais, Michigan), visit the in-laws and hang out for a nice, relaxing 4 day weekend. It was to be my "birthday" present for myself. I didn't manage to save enough money to afford the gas, though, but my mother-in-law sent it to me - she told me that she really wanted to see me and that she felt I deserved the time off. Obviously, however, this was sorta up in the air after Steven's accident, so I called up there to let them know - and discovered that my mother-in-law was being rushed to the hospital. It's bad enough that my father-in-law is dying of colon cancer, but they were afraid that she'd either had a slight heart attack or a mini-stroke. G-R-E-A-T... one more thing to stress over, huh?

The next day, Steven had to return to the clinic to get an "Unable to Work" note. Mind you, he'd spent 2 hours at the clinic the day before, another 2 hours at the ophthalmologist's office, and 30 minutes at the pharmacy. We spent ANOTHER 2 hours at the clinic just to have the doctor tell us that he couldn't work like that. Genius, huh? "Come back here on Friday after you see the specialist again." THEN, he tells Steven that he'll give him something for the pain (and believe me, that poor kid was in agony by that time). It seems that they have a sweet deal worked out with their in-house pharmacy... they CALL the prescription in to the in-house pharmacy, which means you HAVE to use them if you want your drugs. So, while Steven sat in the truck arguing with his sister (who had to come along to drive the Ranger home), I spent another 30 minutes in THAT pharmacy. Then we trekked back to the company to drop off the clinic paperwork.

By the time we finally got back home on Tuesday, the kid was in major pain and pissed as hell. Fortunately, he ensconced himself in the basement, so I only had to deal with MSK and Jessa doing the arguing. By Wednesday morning, Steven was feeling even worse. He spent the entire day drugged up on pain meds, sleeping in the basement or watching TV with his sunglasses on. I hate it when he's like that - he's VERY hard to deal with; abrupt, angry and generally unpleasant.

On Thursday, his eye looked and felt like holy hell. He could barely open it and everything hurt. Light, motion, blinking... he was miserable. I'm betting that, at that point, he almost wished he HAD just lost the damn thing. Anyway, after another hour, we saw the doctor that we'd seen Monday. He checked things out and the prognosis was not as rosy as we'd hoped. It seems that there was healing going on, but the regenerative cells weren't staying over the abrasion as they should have. He decided to put a bandage contact on the whole eye in hopes of compressing the cells into the scratch as they needed to be. If that didn't work, then he'd have to SCRAPE them OFF the poor boy's EYEBALL. Can we all say "EWWWWWWW" at the same time?? Yeah, thought so.

He made another appointment to see Steven today, so it was pretty much a given that I wasn't going to be able to go up north. I would have had to leave long before Steven's appointment, and someone needed to drive him there... the poor kid could barely see what with all the watering and pain yesterday. When we got home, I called up there and discovered that mom-in-law didn't have anything as dire as they'd thought (although I'd figured that when I didn't hear anything further), she'd had a viral infection that brought her down like a ton of bricks, but it wasn't anything that rest, fluids and antibiotics couldn't cure. THAT was a relief. I relayed my news, and we agreed to postpone my mini-vacation until next weekend.

Fortunately for him, Steven's eye started feeling a LOT better with the contact in place. He woke up this morning and the redness was half as bad as it was yesterday. The scratchiness was nearly non-existent and it wasn't nearly as sensitive to light today. Whew!! He was in a MUCH better mood... which meant, when we found out that my truck didn't have much gas left, he was nice enough to let me drive HIS car to take him to the clinic. WHEE!!! I got to drive the pretty, shiny, fast, red Trans Am. That was FUN. We both enjoyed it, although Steven was a little antsy that he didn't get to drive it himself. I can understand that feeling completely. Once you own one of those, you really, REALLY hate having other people drive it with you in the passenger seat, even if you completely trust the person driving.

We digress to ogle the pretty red car:

smaller passenger size pic

After another two hour visit to the damn clinic, only to have another "Unable to Work" slip handed out, we made our way to his office, where I met the dork that caused all this in the first damn place. To his credit, the man seemed genuinely sorry that it had happened. To make things even stranger, Steven's boss - after handing him his check and making a copy of the slip from the clinic - asked if Steven was doing okay for money. Steven had to pick his jaw up off the floor... that was totally unexpected. Sweet, thoughtful, but TOTALLY unexpected. While we were there, several of Steven's co-workers wandered past and asked how he was doing. It does a mother's heart proud to have so many people so concerned about her kid, y'know? Then again, *I* know he's a great kid!!!

We got back on the road, only to discover that the weather was turning icky. Well, just rain showers, but "icky" for Steven's prized car. So, we drove all the way home and picked up my old, reliable truck for the trip to the specialist - for the third time this week. Is it just me, or does it sound like I spent almost the entire week in one medical office or another?? Another hour long appointment ended with the slightly more positive news that things looked good with the contact in place, so he would leave it on over the weekend and see how things looked when he takes it off on Tuesday. So, Steven can go back to work on Monday (after ANOTHER visit to the damn clinic) and then see the specialist on Tuesday. If it's not healing well on Tuesday, though, the scraping will commence. *shudder* I'm keeping my fingers crossed again.

So, there you have it... my life up to the moment. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?? Don't you wish your life was this exciting??? If yours IS this exciting, you have my heartfelt sympathy, believe me! If it isn't, thank your lucky stars, knock on wood, pet your rabbit's foot, and SMILE. Right now, after all is done for this week, I'm smiling - and relaxing by reading some of my favorite authors' updates! Thank you all for taking the time to read this drivel. I have no idea how on earth you slogged through it, but I greatly appreciate all the expressions of sympathy and support I've received with the last two posts. You guys, as always, ROCK MY SOCKS!!!

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