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Ganked from piratequeen0405...

Yeah, baby!! I always wanted to have pointed ears!!! WHEE!

Your result for The Faery Folk Test...


Beat It Kid, I Don't Have Any Toys!

Also called "Alfar," Elves are an ancient species of faery folk, and are known for their handsomeness, their pointy ears, their magical skills and their sense of humor- a trait they do not share with their cousins, the Drow. Elves, like their cousins, live for thousands of years or perhaps they are immortal. Some people believe that elves work for Saint Nicholas, but elves were more revered by the heathens than by anyone else and since the christian invasion, much elven lore has been lost; thusly, any self respecting elf would be damned if they were to be employed by a catholic saint! In norse cosmology, Alfheim is the elven homeworld in the geat tree Yggdrasil. The number 11 is sacred to the Elves, hence its name in german- "Elf."

Take The Faery Folk Test at HelloQuizzy

Good stuff... thanks PQ!!

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