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I can haz PUPPY!!!!!!!

Okay, so he's not exactly puppy-sized. He's 7 months old, yellow lab (although he looks more white), male, FREE, and quite sweet when he settles down. Still VERY puppy, though.

His name is Brady, at the moment. We're still debating whether or not to keep it. The name, that is. The dog is ours now. And BOY can he CHEW!! I thought Calvin was bad... I thought Hobbes was fanatic, but Brady has them both beat even at his young age.

Now we haz PICTURES... obligatory with new animal posts, doncha know?

Brady in my bedroom by the bathroom door, looking for the cat that is hiding in the bathroom sink:

Brady 10/2009

Brady in the family room - sorry, the room was rather dark:

Brady 10/2009

Brady under my table in the dining room, right by my feet while I'm on the computer:

Brady 10/2009

So, if anyone wonders what the heck happened to me this weekend, I am spending most of it acclimating Brady to our household - and our household to him. Hopefully, things will settle somewhat by the first of next week. My apologies in advance to anyone that this might inconvenience (i.e. people waiting for chapters)!

There you have it, the new addition to our family. It might not have been the exactly right time to get him, but the opportunity arose and we took advantage. I think MSK kinda likes him.

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