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Stuff on my mind...

I will freely admit that I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Not all of the angst is my own, but it still weighs heavily:

I hope my friend Rowdy sails through her surgery for malignant melanoma tomorrow and recovers ASAP!!! Spare her a thought or two, if you would, and send her some good vibes!

I hope our little grand-nephew Gideon keeps making progress through his fight against leukemia... it's been a struggle for our niece and her family, but she's a TROOPER!! I so admire her patience, grit, and determination in the face of this horrific disease and the awful effects it has had on her little boy.

I hope my friend Jordan finds some help down in the wilds of Illinois. He needs it desperately - and I can only hope that he follows my advice and trucks himself over the the DHS office in Joliet tomorrow morning. Fired from his job, denied for unemployment, getting an eviction notice, truck breaking down after spending $1,700 to get it fixed, losing his license for not having current insurance... the boy needs help so bad, it's not even funny.

I hope my friend Nicholas in Ohio has managed to scrape together the money he needs to keep his vehicle from being repossessed... he can't work too well if he can't get there. His entire means of support while in school depend on his working. Without the car, he's toast.

I hope my friend Justin finds someplace to store his things this weekend when Steven helps him remove them from where he WAS staying. I hope he finds somewhere, anywhere, that he and Paige can stay until they get on their feet. I hope he keeps the landscaping (weeding) job he has so he can at least buy food.

I hope my friend Brad can find some peace and solace to heal his hurting heart - again. I hope he finally starts making better choices in the types of partners he chooses to grace with his love and devotion. He's a gentle, beautiful soul, and greatly deserves far better than he's had in the time I've known him.

I hope my friend Melanie gets some help for her depression and that her family doesn't end up on the street either. They've had so much trouble that I'm almost afraid to try to message her, for fear I might be a jinx or something, y'know?

I hope my friend Jenna gets the loan that she & her husband need to buy the house. They NEED to be elsewhere by August 1, and it's getting darn close to the deadline. I'm so worried that they will end up with nowhere and have to farm out their pets to someone else while they scramble for a living space.

I hope my puppy, Buddy, gets better soon... he evidently contracted some virus from one of the other dogs he was playing with up north. He's very sad-faced, won't eat and won't drink right now. I REALLY hope that we won't have to bury another beloved pet so soon!! Plus it's damned expensive to end up at the vet's office at least once a week.

I hope my son can get past the pain of losing his cat... it still hurts him to go down in the basement and see that empty chair, or not have the cat sleeping on him like he ALWAYS did.

I hope that my mouth will finally heal after this next surgery. I'm very tired of being in pain all the time from stuff that shouldn't be happening, but is. Damn it, I brush, I floss... WTF is it with the damn gum disease??? Not to mention the fact that it's freakin' expensive.

I hope that I can continue like I have, even though my eye prescription is woefully outdated, even though I have this horrid feeling I might be developing diabetes, even though I wonder if my antidepressants have quit working. Life might not be that "bowl of cherries," but it's the only game in town and I have this feeling I'm still needed.

There you have it... the things that drive me nuts right now. Sorry I can't be more uplifting for others these days, but I get the feeling that I'm useless... that I can't really help any of the people above, I can't do much to help the dog except ferry him to the vet, and I can't do much about my physical condition until we get the oral surgery out of the way. I'm TRYING to be positive, but it's getting harder, y'know?

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For feeling empathetic towards your family and friends, you are doing more than you know. If only everyone we so lucky to have a friend who choses their thoughts and words with care for them. Things, while they may seem bleak at times and can be overwhelming, are not as bad as they seem and things will work out as they are supposed to. I know it's cliche to quote something, but I felt it was a nice one.

"The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change.
So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love."

Jennifer Edwards

Try not to become overwhelmed with all of our difficult times, there's no need to be burdened when you have enough on your own plate. I love you though, for keeping me in your thoughts! Think WILL work out just fine :)
Oh, sweetheart, I am trying SO HARD to keep positive and upbeat thoughts heading your way!!!!! Really I am. I just got overwhelmed with the number of people that have been experiencing such crushing problems of late, that's all. I think Buddy getting sick was kinda the last straw today, y'know? *sigh*

Thank you for the uplifting words and thoughts coming back this way...

As a wise person once said, "This too shall pass!"
I feel kind of the same way, in that my life continually is nothing but a bowl pits without cherries and any time I try to talk to my family/friends/significant other/etc about how I feel it makes them all uncomfortable and they wish I wouldn't talk about it. So I guess the healthy alternative is keeping it all inside? I'm just so frustrated and upset about my life, especially nowadays, that it's hard to keep it all inside and not vent--if I don't vent, I'm gonna go nuts. Not to mention my own mother is making disparaging comments on my Facebook, of all places. Thanks, Mom. You're the drunken, cheating, debt-ridden, dad-fleecing best.

I'm just aggravated and hopeless and it really sucks when you try to voice these feelings and everybody basically tells you to shut up. lkjfsdlkjflksd

You can always vent to me, you know! Honest.

And I like LJ a lot better than FacePLANT, cuz most people I know in real life don't know I'm here. I can vent here and only once in a while do people rag on me about my posts being downers.

I still love you... and I've missed you bunches. Why don't I have you on alerts? *goes to change that now*

Srsly, though, if you ever need someone to vent to, let 'er rip, 'k?
You, my friend, need a vacation. Like seriously need a vacation. Even if it's a mini-getaway with a movie and cheap pizza. I know everyone else seems to be going through their own problems, but you need to focus on that wonderful person that is you. Putting so much worry on your shoulders can't be healthy.