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MSK dragged Jess out of the house today to do some more driving. While they were on the way back from the hardware store, he got the bright idea that he'd teach her something about winter driving. Unfortunately, as Jess put it later ... "Dad wanted to teach me something, but he didn't think it through far enough." He told her to give the baby truck a "little gas" while they were driving down Eagle Road (which happens to be covered w/snow). What he failed to realize is: 1) a novice driver has no conception of a "little" gas on an icy road, and 2) a narrow icy road lined with TREES isn't a good place to teach a novice driver how to recover from a skid anyway!!!! He walked into the house bitching a blue streak about how she screwed up the alignment on the truck almost as bad as that "other kid," etc., etc., ... until I heard the whole story. Sorry, bud, but you DON'T do stupid things like that w/your kid and then get to BLAME HER for the damage done. No fucking way!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt I will ever let him forget this one real soon, especially coming so soon on the heels of the vacuum cleaner fiasco. I will NEVER let that man mess w/either of my vacuums again!!!!

I got the canister vacuum up from the basement and figured I'd better check it out, since MSK used it last. Sure enough, the bag wasn't even over the intake hole, the entire bag compartment was full of gunk and the filter had to be washed out it was so packed with crap. After bitching loud and long about stupid Polish people, I finally put that one back together, and got the upright out to continue in the living room. I started to notice that the upright wasn't handling the pet fur as well as it should ... then it dawned on me that it wasn't really handling anything on the carpet as well as it should. THEN, it occured to me that MSK was also the last person to use THAT vacuum. I opened the bag compartment and an empty bag fell out, followed by a compartment packed to overflowing with dust and crud. He didn't put the bag in THAT one the right way either!!!!!!! I LOST it. I ended up having to VACUUM out the vacuum with the OTHER VACUUM!!! I was completely pissed off. Good thing I ended up at the Local, or I would have chewed his ass out six ways from Sunday. Damn man anyway .... and he wonders why I HATE it when he "helps!" Duh!!

Oh well, it's past my 'nap time,' and I need some beauty sleep tonight. I've been informed that I have to take Steven shopping either tomorrow or Monday, and I have to take Jess and Angela to the Local tomorrow night. Sure hope that kid gets in touch w/Sierra ... I know she could use all the friends she can get today ... if she sees this, I hope she knows, she's always in my thoughts.

[still not too sure how to proceed - or not - on the other, but still giving it lots of thought]
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