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peace on earth, goodwill toward ....

I'm really sick. I'm sicker than I've been in a long, long time. I hate viruses. I hate the way my legs turn to rubber after being on my feet for about ten minutes. I hate the feeling that I'm going to pass out. I hate the way every single part of my body aches as though someone is beating me with a baseball bat every time I go to sleep. At least Christmas was a very quiet affair, as was Christmas Eve. Sierra emailed from Cali - so I know she's safe. Maureen called from Arkansas ... she'll be back in February - the day after her 18th birthday, I guess. Hope I'm still alive by then .... I sure don't want to be the way I feel right now!!

I hope anyone reading this had a safe, warm, wonderful Christmas, full of love and fun and friends and neat stuff like that. I hope NO ONE went through the misery of the flu like I just did (and still am). I hope all the other kids recognize what I've recently figured out .... actually, most of them got what they needed in the end anyway. Brandon wanted his mother to be a MOM again, and now she is. Megan always wanted her parents to ACT like parents, and they finally are. All's well that ends well??? I hope so. I know I feel a lot better about things these days, if not physically better, at least 'psychically' better.

Physically, food still smells and tastes good, but hurts like hell, no matter what I eat. The only thing that really helps is aspirin and sleep ... which I think I'll go back to now. Just wanted the record to reflect what's been going on for the past few days.

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