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Well, on into the afternoon, and no NAP yet!

I don't understand how it happens, but just when it seems that victory will be snatched from the jaws of defeat, SOMETHING else rears it's ugly head and fucks stuff up all over again. When Jess got up this afternoon (after being so sick last night), I found out that 1) Chris WAS stupid enough to let it slip to his mom where Nik's been living; and 2) their mom STILL hates me with a passion only the "proud" few born in the "heart of DIXIE" can muster. Oh horse piss ... now the poor kid is gonna have to deal with that, on top of the fact that his big bro ratted him out to mom, AND his fiancee scared the crap out of him, AND he almost 'clocked' his best friend, AND he ran over his brother's foot, AND he pissed me off ... AND he's just now figuring out that he (as he put it) can NEVER be the person he was before ... not ever again.

That seemed to really hit him in the face last night. I hate those fucking wake-up calls that smack you right into sobriety, but he did deserve one. For that matter, so did Missa. She knows full well what her family history is like ... she knows what an addictive personality she has ... yet she tried it again anyway. Hopefully, she will remember this one for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time, and not expose her child to it again. While I didn't want to hammer on that point last night, when everyone was still "under the weather" AND dead-tired, she needs to be reminded every so often that she has a greater tendency to do those things than the average person, given her background. Yes, Virginia, it IS fucking genetic .... and I don't give a shit what anyone else tells you. At the very least, it provided another opportunity to illustrate to my children first-hand what NOT to do to fuck up their lives.

I think the general consensus is that: A) Nik and Missa need to do some serious thinking and talking about what they need to accomplish before the baby is born, if they still intend to make a "go" of this; and B) my kids are adamant that, should either of them ever hear of Nik 'dissing' me like certain other people, they will NOT hesitate to go off on him. Actually, Steven wants to do a road trip to Mt. Morris and Midland and go "DeNiro" all over a couple of people, but no one will drive him that far merely for such a useless waste of energy. Slumbering canines can wallow in their own parasites ..... we have enough 'fun' right here without going so far afield looking for more!!!

Time to put the roast beast into the oven. I hope to hear from Nicholas at some point today, though. I'd like to know if he's still in one piece, at the very least. It should also be interesting to hear what sort of "intervention" his mama has cooked up to get him away from that 'irresponsible, pushy, NORTHERNER.' LOL .... if she only knew!

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