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Yippee Skippy!!

As predicted, it's 8:00 am, and I am home, warm and toasty, MINUS children. The peace and quiet are overwhelming ... especially when one considers what one went through to accomplish it. Steven dallied around until 1:30 am ... still hoping against hope that there wouldn't be a reason to get up in the morning. Ten minutes after he finally gave up and went to bed, Jess was up. She sat there and talked at me until 2:30 am, when she finally got tired of listening to me answer everything she said with "go to bed." She went back to bed and, before I could even settle in, Steven was up again. Right around that time, I couldn't even keep my eyes open any longer, so I just passed out on the loveseat ... almost like old times! Woke up to a pounding headache and MSK's cheery voice doing his morning "wake up" thing. Why the hell does that man have to be so fucking cheerful in the morning - until someone ISN'T cheerful in response - then he's a bitch?? I don't understand it ... never have, and probably never will. Morning people should all be shot on sight.

So, here it is, morning. First day back to school. Kids are totally pissed off at having to go, mom isn't too cheerful about having to drive w/a migraine, truck is covered in snow - but it's a great day, nonetheless. I have no idea what I'm going to feed everyone tonight, but that's a helluva long way off. MSK took care of getting the most recent batch of forwarded mail out to the box, so that's off my hands. I have about 45 minutes before Mel calls (if she's got time today - I'm sure she's got a TON of things planned for HER first day of freedom too!). Do I ..... take a shower? Take a nap? Eat something? Or just fart around with the same project stuff I was messing with last night before I gave up and tried to herd kids to bed? Or ...... whatever I fucking well please ... that's what I'll do today.

There is the ever present laundry to work on, the normal load of dishes both in the washer and the sink, the crappy mess on the kitchen table and the dog crate, but .... nah. My first day of "freedom" in two weeks - I think I'll just do whatever the spirit moves me to do today. Yup, that's the ticket!

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