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Long, cold, dark, dreary days ....

Surprisingly, though, very productive. Especially now that I've got my upgrade for my WP program. I almost had a shit-fit this afternoon when it came, though. It was supposed to have a "find" utility that was missing from my last upgrade that allows me to search an entire folder for a specific word or group of words. I looked all the way through the user's manual before I opened the software package, since I know better than to break the seal on the stupid thing if I have to send it back. Only one mention of the "find" option I was looking for ... and nothing at all reassuring about whether or not it would install with the rest of the upgrade. I believe I was foaming at the mouth about the rotten pirates in Utah stealing my money for the upgrade without providing even the minimum advertised software, but after I managed to install the thing, I discovered that it IS there after all. Hallelujah Hannah!! Now I can look for a specific horse in amongst the hundreds of pedigree records I have on disk and find it in a matter of seconds, instead of having to go to the hard copy binders that all my raw data is stored in. It makes things SOOOOOO much faster!!

As usual, when I pick this project up after not touching it for a few months, I notice all sorts of conflicts with certain older pedigrees. Some of it stems from the fact that the people doing the original research weren't able to find reliable information. It gets frustrating, though, when the same author puts one thing in one part of a book and then puts something totally different in a later chapter. I understand that it comes from the fact that, first, these books (like the original research done for them) were mostly written in the 1940's. It wasn't easy to track down the old horsemen of the West and get them to remember which mare had which foal fathered by which stud ... they just eyeballed the beasts and bred the ones who looked good and ran fast.

Then you run into conflicts between different writers who had different "friends" and different preferences, especially in the Quarter Horse world. Sixty years ago, people were all about getting into knock-down, drag-out fights over whether or not they should cross their good Quarter Horse stock on Thoroughbreds to get a little more leg and speed. I imagine that anyone stumbling upon this is probably scratching their heads and wondering WTF kinda drugs I'm taking ... but I honestly do find the subject fascinating. I find it absolutely nothing short of amazing that these crusty old ranchers managed, without the benefit of ANY knowledge of genetics, how traits are passed along, mutations, etc., to breed such beautiful, all-around useful animals as the Quarter Horses of today. Well, at least MOST of today's Quarter Horses. There are still a few hold-overs from the craze to breed an animal with an incredibly huge, muscular body, finely detailed legs and tiny weak feet. These are what I prefer to refer to as the Holsteins of the horse world. Overfed (or appearing to be), under-developed (at least as far as bone structure) and generally unsuitable for anything more taxing than a walk in the park, these porkers are PURE show horses .... ALL show, NO go! That's the complete antithesis of what the American Quarter Horse Association was founded to protect. Far from being the all-around, versatile athlete that the Quarter Horse was for CENTURIES, these stuffed cows are only suited for standing around in their stalls, being groomed, walking on their automated walkers, or being dragged around a show ring by an enthusiastic halter or showmanship exhibitor. Blah.

Ok, 'nuf ragging for one night. I didn't get enough sleep last night either, primarily because I stayed up talking to Nicholas for a short while, shooed Jess back to bed after midnight, and tried to read some more of my book. I managed to finish my ice cream (yeah, I know it's not on the diet, but I still need to indulge occasionally) and that was just about it. My book fell on the floor, my eyes got heavy and I crashed. I WILL make it to bed tonight, though. I can't take another night on that stupid loveseat ... it's nowhere as comfy as it used to seem. I guess it's because I've finally got the kinks worked out of the stupid "select-comfort" bed and found the right amount of 'squishy' that works for my old, aching joints! Tomorrow ... middle of the week ... already! Kids have 1/2 day off on Friday, which sounds like a good idea to me. Next week is exams, which means three solid days of 1/2 day exams. That, too, is fine with me. The sooner I get them home, the sooner I can devote myself to the research without the interruption of having to drop it all and go get them. Besides ... half days are just about the right time to get off the phone w/Melanie - and I don't manage to concentrate too well when I'm on the phone anyway.

Ok, got sidetracked by an argument over whether Jess's runny nose is the result of a virus or allegies. Either way, she's freaking out about it for some odd reason, and accusing me of being unable to empathize with anyone other than people that, to me, no longer exist. Oh well .... she's always been a bit of a hypochondriac .... hope she gets over it soon! Ended up on the loveseat again without even realizing it, Will (sweetheart that he is) woke me up at 2:00 and sent me to bed, and now it's time to start all over again ... Good Morning!

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