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In yet another example of people feeling the need to fuck with the crazies, I HAVE to relate what happened on the way to school w/the kids. We were late, as usual, and I was doing my normal 35 mph to 45 mph on the backroads. In four-wheel drive. In the truck with anti-lock brakes. We were doing fine until we got to Weber Road, where we ended up behind a Ford Expedition doing 15 mph to 20 mph in the middle of the road. Yeah, I was a little close ... but does it make any sense at all to hit one's brakes in the middle of an icy road because someone is following too CLOSE?? Um, are we trying to force an accident? DUH.

That, in and of itself, was annoying. The driver further compounded matters, though, by slowing to 10 mph and continuing to play with his brakes. When we reached the stop sign at East Holly Road, he then jumped out of his Expedition (which usually comes w/four-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, doesn't it?) and proceeded to yell at me in front of my kids. His parting shot, after I pointed out that, regardless of his opinion, I still didn't hit him so I couldn't have been that unsafe, was "You're setting a great example for your kids, aren't you?" Hmmm, lemme see ... my truck was in my control at all times, I didn't hit his vehicle, I didn't force him off the road, I didn't yell at him .... who set the better example??? Again, DUH.

I'm wondering now, though, do I have a "kick me" sign on me somewhere? That is the fourth time in as many days that SOMEONE has felt it necessary to fuck with me over something they probably shouldn't have. Why??? Christ Almighty ... I'm staying home, keeping my nose to the grindstone, not overtly going out of my way to jangle anyone else's chain ... what the bloody HELL is going on?? Or, am I just paranoid? I worry about that sometimes, since it runs in my family. I mean, I guess it probably IS paranoia, but I still wonder - what gets into people? I really must've fucked my karma over incredibly in past lives to merit this much shit even when I'm NOT trying to get into it! Oh, what the hell .... got work to do and I've wasted enough time and energy pondering the rantings of a testosterone-driven twit. Good freaking morning, huh?

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