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This has got to be some new kind of record for me .... almost a month without updating my journal!!! I guess that means I've been either very busy, or very depressed ... I guess I'll leave it up whoever might read this to decide which it has been. I have been on eBay a lot ... lots of selling, some buying ... getting more research stuff for my project.

I had a 'brain-ache' the other day, and came up with the idea of doing smaller-scale books on horses that I know - for people that I know. Then I'll see about getting space at the new Mid-Michigan Horse expo they're planning for Birch Run, print up some business cards and order forms, display the books, and see if anything develops. Since Birch Run is so much closer than Lansing for most of the people I know who are still into horses, I think there's a good chance that many of them might wander through there. I know some of them won't be able to resist the idea of what I'm putting together ... especially when it comes to their kids' "memories" of their 'horse years.' With a reasonable enough price on a scaled-down version, a nice presentation (which should be easy enough with the photo-quality printer) and the right encouragement, and some of these folks will tell others. Besides, I know several of the PtHA people don't belong to AQHA, so they don't have access to the records that I do for their Paint horses. I can go so much further back than even the APHA site, as well as get them pictures of the old horses - I think some will be interested. If I can generate even a small amount of interest among the APHA/PtHA people, I might be able to get somewhere. Guess we'll see just how much energy, determination and gumption I have ... or I will just end up wandering through the horse shows all spring and summer - also not a really bad idea, come to think of it. At least I know I can drag Melanie along!

On the home front, we still have two basement-dwellers coming in and out on a regular basis. Nik still has his part-time job at Blockbuster, and Will just got a job at a restaurant in Fenton. At least both of them have cars than run, and when they don't, both of them are capable of finding the help they need to get them running on their own. The only minor problem we've had so far is that Will got stuck at the end of the driveway the other night. The snowplow came along and plowed a TON of snow and ice into the driveway. By the time we got around to trying to remove it the next day, it had all solidified into huge, icy chunks that seemed cemented together. I worked at it for 2+ hours, and Will put in another hour and a half or more. I could barely hold an ink pen the next day, that's for sure!

Nik left for his last bout of freedom before the baby arrives. He's in PA this weekend for a marathon D & D session w/his sister and a couple of friends. Sure hope he made it down there all right with all the snow and freezing rain they were supposed to have along his route! Will is off 'role-playing' with friends tonight also ... so things are quite quiet here tonight.

Tomorrow, Jess and I are going to our first caucus ... since Jess is 17 and will be 18 by the time the election rolls around, she's eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary this year. She's super-excited to be part of the process ... says she feels almost empowered. She's quite disappointed that her personal favorite, Gen. Wesley Clark, did not visit Michigan before our Primary, however, I think she still intends to vote for him anyway. She's had a campaign button on her book bag for two weeks now, and fashioned an arm-band out of a bumper sticker last night. She wore it to school today, but was totally disgusted at how many of her fellow students didn't have the vaguest idea that we were even voting on anything tomorrow. She's finally getting a taste of the frustration and helplessness I always felt in the face of overwhelming apathy.

And, god knows, I've dealt with MORE than my fair share of apathy - both from my peers AND hers! The more time passes, the happier I am and the more balanced and calm life here seems to get. Things just are nowhere near as stressful, hectic or emotional as they used to be. I think we've all pretty much figured where the drama came from, and most of us agree that it wasn't all me or Jess. In fact, Jess and I are getting along almost as well as we did when we were into horses together. She shares a lot more with me, and isn't as inclined to bite my head off for innocent comments anymore. The level of distrust has practically evaporated - almost as though having some people out of our lives somehow drew back a curtain, allowing her to see the truth.

At least, that's the way it seems for the past two months. I guess we'll see what happens in the future ... right now, I need to get some sleep, so I can be up at the butt-crack of dawn (not really) to get ready to exercise my 'civic duty' to vote for the candidate of my choice! AND get some more work done on HORSE STUFF!!!!!!! I'm actually enjoying it ... g'night!!

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