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An unexpected smile ...

I haven't written here in a while, primarily because the sudden onset of a slew of stressful things has triggered an attack of that nasty, stupid, inconvenient disease of mine. Hard to type when one can't sit in front of the 'puter for more than 5 minutes at a time!! I'm feeling much better - even more than I thought I would - because of the kindness (once again) of someone I don't even know. If only people knew how much my heart swells when stuff like that happens out of the clear blue sky! It's kinda like a 'sign' or an 'omen' or whatever the hell one wants to call it. Its telling me that I can't give up while there are still others out there ... random, nameless others who are still trying. Whoever that person is, I hope they read my response and know that they will not be alone - not as long as I can convince myself to wait patiently for the good to come back around. Which, despite the dismal tone of the post that this kind soul responded to, is exactly what I am still doing .... trying and hoping and waiting. Just often enough to keep me on my toes, stuff like this happens, and I am reminded all over again of why I keep trying to help. Again, kind soul, my heartfelt thanks!

Bonne nuit!</br>
Buenos noches!</br>
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