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My dream

I dream of a world where each soul is valued as an individual in its own right. Where each tends to itself and its own progress and no one is more or less than another because of material possessions. I dream of a world where learning merely for the sake of LEARNING is valued above all else. Where no one reacts with primitive instincts ... where each carefully considers the ramifications of their own thoughts and actions ... especially when they impact on others.

In this world, each soul knows the other souls in their midst, but doesn't harbor anger, resentment or jealousy toward them on the basis of petty, material concerns. This world is primarily concerned with what I believe we are each a product of ... the light and love that forged each soul's beginning, and to which each soul eventually returns ... and adds their accumulated knowledge and experience so that the whole continues to grow and expand.

On planet Earth, souls are mostly too bogged down by the primitive, instinctual reactions that their ape-based brains are prone to. This constant war between the primitive and the higher consciousness, the instinctual and the cerebral, makes all of us prone to prejudice, envy, jealousy, anger, intolerance and inconsideration. There have been a few (Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Jesus Christ) that have risen above the primitive; who have transcended the primordial ... but, I fear, nowhere near enough of us have achieved such a level. At least, nowhere near enough of us to save the miserable mess that humanity finds itself mired in on a daily basis.

I would like to think that my anger and intolerance are triggered by the inconsideration with which I am met on a daily basis, but that would be exceedingly self-serving. My anger and intolerance are still primitive reactions which I have not yet managed to overcome. I am just as susceptible to the petty wants of humanity as the next person ... no better and, in some cases, worse. I am just as prideful and mean-spirited as the next person when my human-based sense of "justice" is offended. Evidence, of course, are the numerous rants rife in this personal "vent-space" that I've created. I dream, though, of a time when I might be able to leave such things behind ... when I might reasonably expect to TRULY be able to "turn the other cheek." I dream, yet I am disappointed when I fail myself, seemingly on a daily basis.

Ah, well. Fortunately for the soul that is ME, I might yet learn that sort of patience and tolerance. I still have time. I worry, though, about the others - while they are still so much younger, they seem so much MORE intolerant ... so much MORE mired in the primitive than even I was at their ages. Or, perhaps, the fog of time clouds my memory (most likely the case). In any event, I think I would do well to remind myself more often what exactly it is I am SUPPOSED to be doing here. Perhaps I wouldn't get quite as frustrated, angry, and unnecessarily hurt by the actions of others. Perhaps I would be better able to let go of those feelings and concentrate more on improving myself ... perhaps I'll try. Who knows? Certainly couldn't hurt, could it??

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